Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: Bare Escentuals' Buxom Lips


I’m liking how that word sounds.  It feels like it’s something big and heavy.  According to the dictionary though, it means “to describe a full-bossomed woman”.  How kinky and how interesting, right?  And then, Bare Escentuals, a US brand, decided to name their lip gloss line Buxom.  Actually, it was made to describe how these pretty glosses are supposed to have and give a lip plumping effect.  Now, whether or not they delivered, you will soon find out.

Place bought:  They’re part of my makeup gifts, so I really don’t know. Naturally, they all came from the US.
Price:  Clueless on this. Will get back to you as soon as I got some info.
Packaging:  For a lip gloss, these babies come in rather huge tubes, bigger than regular lip gloss tubes. It comes in a tube, with a wand for an applicator.
Shade:  I got 4 of them, which I will describe in a bit.

From the Top: Dolly, Bianca, Amber and Ranani

Dolly is pale, neutral pink.  Bianca is on the peach and nude side.  Amber applies as a mauvey pink.  And lastly, Ranani has the brightest tint of all, which is fushcia pink.  All of them come with little gold glitters.

Oh my, these lippies sure have some kinda punch.  The plumping effect comes in a minty and stingy feeling on the lips, even with just a little swipe.  And it lasts for as long as you have the product on your lips. That means, unless you lick your lips a lot, you get at most 4-5 hours of wear plus the stinging effect.  I imagine wearing this in the middle of an all-nighter, and it will definitely work to wake you up.  As far as being lip glosses go, they are shiny, tasty, and scenty – all in a good way, of course.  Perfect for pulling off that minimal lip makeup look.

However, since they are glosses, they still have that sticky feel – which I hate in a gloss.  Also, the colors are sheer and are only perfect for topping lipsticks – at least for me.  But when I do decide to wear them alone, it was only for the refreshing stingy feel.  As for plumping my lips to do an “Angelina Jolie” – I don’t think it works.  I have thin lips, so it didn’t really do much.

If you’re looking for a lippie that will stir up all of your senses, then this Buxom lip glosses will do the trick.  Giving enough shine, color and texture on the lips, that punch of stingy and minty feel surely pumps up the wearing factor of these.  Without that plumping effect, they will merely pass off as regular lip glosses.  But I swear by the sting it makes on the lips, it really wakes up my senses!  I’m wearing Dolly as I write, and it sure creates that refreshing, cool and stingy feel.  I think they would be nice to wear while on the hot humid beach this summer, they surely give off that cool and minty effect.  

Now going back to that name, "Buxom" seems to promise a lot of plumping effect. But sadly, it didn't apply on me. Maybe on other lips, it will. 

That's it for today. Enjoy the rest of the hours of Sunday, and before you know it, Monday will kick in again.

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