Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: Fashion 21's Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil

"NO to dark circles under the eyes!

NO to unsightly blemishes under the chin!

NO to dark, uneven skin tone on the sides of my nose!"

These are my mantra for searching for the best concealer in town.  I used to have my HG concealer, which came in a cream texture from Elianto.  But ever since Elianto left our Philippine shores ( ='( ), I was constrained to look for another one that serves me well. Lately, I've been switching between ELF's liquid concealer and Ellana's Mineral Powder Concealer in Awake. 

The powder concealer works best, but it just needed extra effort in blending to apply.  It's not something that I regularly opt to use during my morning rituals where I usually rush my makeup routine.    As for the liquid concealer from ELF, it delivered well enough until I am now at its last drops. Still, I wish it could be better.

But then, as I was browsing Girltalk, I happen to click the thread for local brands for makeup, and that's how I found my new concealer love.


Place bought:  Fashion 21 counter, Department Store, Market! Market! Mall
Price:  185.00 PHP
Packaging:  Comes in a light green twist-up tube, similar to a lipstick tube, only slightly bigger.
Shade:  The shade that I chose was Milk Tea. I think there are two or three shades available, and this one appeared to have more yellow undertones.

This stick is so creamy and buttery in texture. One swipe and a little bit of blending with my fingers is enough to cover an unsightly blemish.  However, for my undereyes, I apply 2 swipes until my hairline, and then blend with my fingers.  I like that it's soft enough not to tug at the skin.  Even if it's so creamy, it doesn't appear to be shiny or oily at all. And a good plus is that the tea tree oil that comes with it is said to help treat and dry out blemishes.

Of course, to make it last longer and to avoid caking, setting with a powder is a must - for which I get it to last on me for a full 8 hours.   That means, I'm really happy that it gets to stay on until I leave the office. And lastly, it's so affordable, I can totally afford to buy everytime I ran out.  The packaging is also travel-friendly, so I will definitely bring this to my out-of-town trips.

For such a good product, I wish there were more shades available to cater to different skin tones.  I can imagine myself getting a tan in the summer to come, and this shade would no longer look natural on me. Also, the packaging could be improved a bit.  But so far, it's still workable.  Oh, and there's also a slight aroma of tea tree oil that comes with it.  But then, it quickly goes away after some time. 

This creamy stick is L-O-V-E.  It's something that I look forward to applying every morning, as it makes all my uneven skintone disappear.  My undereye dark circles - gone in a swipe or two! Sometimes on weekends, I only apply this under my eyes, pat on some powder, do my brows, and I'm off to my errands.  Really easy breezy to use. I am recommending this to those who are looking for a great, reliable and yet affordable concealer.

Care to share your HG concealer?


  1. Interesting! I haven't found my HG concealer yet but I use those from San San. :)

    1. I haven't seen those from San San, but I might check them out, too. Thanks for the visit, Janine!

  2. San San is good so far. I'm using the Soleil Matte Foundation. It has one shade only but it will oxidize on your skin to match or blend in your skin tone. I bought because I always have a dilemma on choosing the right shades that will fit me. I have fair skin but I don't want something that might look too fair for me. :) Plus it saves me time doing my makeup before going to work since I don't concealer anymore.


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