Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple

I’m a huge fan of tinted lip balms.  And it seems like lately, in the makeup world, it’s starting to be a fad.  Come summer time, these tinted lip balms would definitely come in handy.  One of the more popular tinted lip balms that’s been raved about by makeup bloggers are the Lip Butters from Revlon.  I took a look and made my own assessment of them.  With such a wide range of colors to choose from, it was indeed a bit daunting to choose which ones I like most.  But since I just wanted to try it, I only bought one tube, in the shade of Candy Apple.

Place bought:  at the Revlon counter at SM Department Store, Cubao.
Price:  525.00 PHP
Packaging:  Comes in a typical twist-up lipstick tube, with a plastic cap. The plastic cap shows the color of the product itself.
Shade:  Candy Apple is a bright red orange color. However, for me, it’s more of a bright yellow red, reminding me of how red candies look like.

So far, the creamy and balmy texture is agreeing with my taste.  It’s not too sticky either.  The moisturizing feel it gives to my lips is really great, too.  More than anything else, I love the shade of Candy Apple.  It instantly brightens up my face without being too garish or tacky.  The pigment also leaves a reddish tint on my lips, after about 3 hours of wear time.  For a balm marketed as a lip butter, this sure delivered well.

I’ve heard that the lighter shades apply sheerer than the dark-colored ones, which is why I’m glad I picked out one of the darker shades.  For a lip product that I can see myself wearing in the hotter months, I also wish they come with an SPF. The packaging can also be improved a bit, it was kinda difficult to open the cap.

As tinted lip balms, these lippies lived up to the hype, texture-wise.  But then again, I wish they had sun protection, too.  However, for any lovely lady who likes wearing colored lip balms, the wide range of shades would surely hit the spot.  Other shades that I would love to try out are Tutti Frutti, Peach Parfait and Strawberry Tart.  But that is only if I really, really want them.  But for now, I’m happy with my current balms with their own SPF.

Wow, two posts for a day! That just shows how lagging I am in my review posts, haha! Well, until my next then! Have a good week ahead!


  1. I was choosing between Candy Apple and Tutti Frutti but ended up going home with the latter. If only it does not melt as quickly like real butter, I would've gone back for this shade. Nice review and glad to know you like it. :)

    1. Hi Pammy! Really, it melts easily? So far, i havent experienced that..we'll see.

  2. I find this expensive... I might try it once though just for the heck of it. :D

    Great review! Glad it worked for you! ;D

    1. Yeah,expensive nga..especially for just a balm. Tagging it as lip butter is just a marketing strategy..


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