Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Glosses

I got these lip glosses as part of the makeup gifts stash that I got from my relatives in the US.  I have to say that I'm not really a fan of lip glosses, which is why you hardly see any reviews of such here.  I just really find them too sticky for my taste, and you know how your hair could get stuck on it? I kinda hate that.  But despite all that, I do love the sweet scent and flavors that some of them have.

These Victoria's Secret  Beauty Rush Lip Glosses are exactly that.  Yummy, colorful, and yep, still least for me.


Place Bought:  Got them as gifts, but obviously, they're from the Victoria's Secret stores.
Price: $7.00, but usually available in sets of 2 or 4, so you get more discounts.
Packaging:  Clear plastic tubes, with silver screw.  The tubes show the actual shade.
Shade:  I got five of them! 
             Grapesicle, Honey Do, Strawberry Fizz, I want Candy, Piece of Cake

Grapesicle is purplish with no glitter, and smells like grapes.  Honey Do is peachy with gold glitter flecks.  Strawberry Fizz smells and tastes like strawberries and the shade is pink with silver glitter, with purple tones.  I Want Candy is plain warm pink that literally smells and tastes just like candy.  Piece of Cake smells so yummy as a cake and comes off as a pale pink color with no glitters.

Sorry girls, I only swatched the Grapesicle here.  But all of them when swatched, gives off sheer color.

My Concurrences:
They taste like candy! Sweet candy taste and equally sweet yummy scent, these are such yummy lippies.  I like the shades also, including those with glitter. The sheen or shine that they leave on lips stay on until your next drink or meal.  In the same way, the smell or taste stays on, too.  They work great as "lipstick toppers" or even worn alone to give shiny textured lips.  These lippies are also moisturizing, so no need for a balm.

My Dissent:
Need I repeat it again?  They are just so sticky!  If they leave enough shine without being sticky, then I'll be able to work with them longer.  Also, even if the shades are different, they aren't that pigmented or opaque.  The shimmery ones do leave some glitter - the Strawberry Fizz and Honey Do - but I still prefer pigmented lips.

Overall Verdict:
Maybe someday, there will come a time when I will prefer lip glosses more than lipsticks.  Because no matter how pretty they look, nor how good they smell or taste, the only use I have for them is having to wear them on top of my lipsticks.  I tried wearing one alone, and although I enjoyed the moisturizing effect and the shiny lips, I still found myself grabbing more lip color.  Nevertheless, since I don't foresee myself using all of them, I will just share them to my sister or to my friends.  But that Grapesicle shade will definitely stay with me, because so far, it's my favorite from the bunch.

So, that's my Friday post for today.  How's it going with ya? Hope everyone's chillin' good.


  1. My favorite is Honey Do. Too bad they're super sticky. I hate sticky glosses!


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  2. aw, too bad the lip glosses aren't that of a good one..but at least they ahve yummy scent...lolz..=) thanks for sharing..


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