Friday, March 30, 2012

LOD: Beauty Credit's Raspberry Pop

Hey there, lovely ladies! It's been one hell of a busy week for me.  I've been on a work trip to Palawan again, and I'm really craving for a vacation.  I can't wait for the Holy Week to start.

So anyhoo, I'm posting this Lips of the Day post.  It's this lipstick I got from Beauty Credit's store in Subic one summer ago. I loved the packaging, so simple and cute with the engraving of a horse and stars.

And I also like the color of this one. Nothing too loud, nor too boring either. It's a rich and creamy brownish pink.  I constantly used this when I first got it and I notice that I'm almost at the end of the tube now. Plus, I detect a slight chemical scent, which means it's time to throw it away.  But before I bid goodbye to this lippie, here's a lip swatch of it:

 Pretty shade, right? I wonder if I have other shades similar to it on my stash.  I'll update you on that soon.

On another note....

Gosh! I almost lost my Blogger account. I don't know what happened earlier, but I cannot seem to sign in.  Thankfully, Google created a quick and easy way to retrieve the account and change passwords. So I'm here now, yay! But I almost lost my mind for about an hour, figuring out what to do.  Good thing my boss already left the office, otherwise I won't be able to fix it quick. Gah!

So anyways, it'll be a long vacation next week. What are you guys up to?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: NARS Sin

A shimmery mauve block of pressed powder, that’s what it looked to me.  This blush is not your ordinary shade for cheeks, but I kinda liked how unusual it looked. Here’s my take on it.

Place Bought: NARS Store at Rustan’s Makati.
Price:  1,450 PHP (approx. $25?)
Packaging:  Housed in a box, and in NARS’ usual rubbery compact.  Comes with a mirror, too.
Shade: Sin is described in the website as "berry tone with gold shimmer".  For me, it looks like a shimmery mauve shade.

how it looked when i bought it

look how dirty it is now

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guest Post: Natural Beauty Options for Cancer Patients

By: Jackie Clark

Women who are undergoing cancer treatment may seek to avoid harsh chemicals more than your average female consumer. Whether undergoing treatment for mesothelioma or any other cancer diagnosis, most women in this situation wish to reduce their exposure to unnatural chemicals in food, household products, and even beauty products. Luckily for female cancer patients who still want to look and feel their very best, there are many natural or "green" beauty options available on the market today.  Here are some tips on how to look your best without relying on harsh, non-natural beauty products.

Mineral Makeup
Mineral makeup is quickly gaining popularity amongst all sorts of women. Besides the fact that it looks much more natural than heavy liquid foundation, it contains fewer harsh, skin-irritating ingredients than traditional makeup does. Mineral makeup provides excellent coverage and will conceal flaws without irritating your skin, making it a perfect option for female mesothelioma patients who want to look radiant without having to deal with any of the usual irritants found in most cosmetics.

photo from Eve Organics

Also, since wearers don't have to worry about streaks or dry patches, mineral makeup is much easier to apply, and is a perfect option for women who are looking to even out damaged or dull skin brought about by chemotherapy or cancer treatment.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Haul: Stila and Pur Beauty

A very stressful week last week led me to break out my credit card and do some feel-good shopping.  I was originally supposed to buy shoes, but since my size wasn't available, I opted to buy makeup instead.

my cheap find at the Pur Beauty store, for only 55PHP. 

I got an eyebrow and lash comb for only 55PHP and a new lip butter from Revlon (525PHP), all from the Pur Beauty store at Serendra.  And as for the Stila eyeshadow singles, these are from Rustan's Makati.  The eyeshadow pans are for 595PHP each.  I forgot the name of the shades though.  But I'm enjoying the baby blue shade on the right.

So, how about you? Do you shop on a whim out of stress, or do you plan your shopping hauls?

Have a great week ahead!

Friday, March 16, 2012

SM Megamall Beauty Fair

Just wanna share my fab find today.

Grab these amazing mascaras in blue-black shade now at the Majolica Majorca stall at SM Mega's Beauty Section. They are buy one,take one. So you get 2 for only 795PHP!

Thanks to Girltalk, I learned about this sale. It's only until Sunday, so take your chances.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Milea Minerals Sassy Lip Cremes

These lip cremes pack a bunch of good, natural and safe ingredients. Handcrafted by Filipino hands by organic skin care brand Milea Bath and Body Wellness Essentials, these lip cremes promise a lot. 

But first, a little information about Milea.  It's a skin care brand focusing on natural, organic ingredients which are sourced from our own soils.  They have organic products which are composed of organic, homemade soaps created with none of the harsh chemicals and ingredients that are common in commercial brands.  They also have a baby care line, which focuses on delivering natural products that are safe for babies' sensitive skins.  They also sell locally-processed honey and other honey-based skin care products. And lastly, they also have a mineral makeup line called Milea Minerals.  It's from this line where the Sassy Lip Cremes come from.

Let's move on with the review.

Place Bought: at the Milea booth during the Network for Enterprising Women (NEW) event
Price:  135.00 PHP each
Packaging:  the lip cremes are housed in slim plastic lipstick tubes, with their shade color and label.
Shade:  I got two - Passion Orange and Rose.

LOD: Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple


I know I did a review about this lip butter before, but I wasn't able to post lip swatches at that time.  And since I've been wearing this lipstick for this week, might as well post a lip swatch.

Oh, I also just bought another shade, the Raspberry Tart.  It's one of the darker shades from this line.  It was pretty on my arm, I hope it would be equally pretty on my lips, too. Will probably post a swatch of that, too.  In the meantime, here's Candy Apple on my lips.

I used two swipes

I had to use flash to capture the real color.

For a red color, this applies sheer yet buildable.  After a few hours, it leaves a stain on the lips.  My lips are a bit on the dry side lately, and the balmy texture of this really helped me a lot. Hope you'll like it as much as I did.

On Guest Posts:

In other news, I was emailed by a lady named Jackie Clark this week, asking if she could do a guest post on my blog. I was really flattered that she wanted my blog to feature her article.  But most of all, I was also interested in her topic because it was about women fighting cancer and its relation to beauty.  I will be posting her article soon, and I hope it would inspire everyone as much as I was.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun Purple Nails from Kleancolor

Heya! Not much to blog about today.  I'm currently at work and reviewing some documents as usual.  But I'm taking a quick breather to talk about my new nail color for the week. 

Kleancolor is a US cosmetics brand which I chanced upon from reading other blogs.  They seem to have a nice collection of makeup, including lust-worthy eyeshadow palettes.  Unfortunately, the products aren't available in the Philippines.  I'm not sure if their products are also sold online thru Multiply or Ebay, though.  However, luckily, I learned that there were available nail polishes from the brand at the recent Cosmetics Expo held at the SMX.  I wasn't there personally for the event, but my sister went. So I asked her to buy me a few bottles of polishes.  I searched the website too, and was happy to see that they sell affordable nail polishes with a huge collection of colors and textures.

And so, we bought bottles of the Kleancolor Nail Lacquers for only Php150.00 each.  I got Purple, Teal Marble, and one bottle of their Crack Nail Lacquer in navy blue, which I have yet to try.  Since I love purple (obviously), it's the first one I roadtested.  (Pardon the photos taken from my Ipod Touch.)

I was also wearing purple last Monday, so it matched my nails!

Purple is a bright, shimmery purple color.  It's best to be worn with shorter nails, so it won't be too overwhelming.  It applies smoothly, easily and dries quite fast too.  I applied the color on Sunday, and if not for washing the dishes regularly, I think it lasts for a good one week without chipping.

Sayang, I wasn't able to personally choose the colors that I like.  I read they also have matte colors. 

Okay, that's it for today.  Better get back to work!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: HHN's Mineral Powder in Sand Dollar and Mineral Blush in Tropical Rose

Wearing both powder and blush

Makeup that’s truly good for your skin… is that even possible?  No harsh ingredients, no parabens, no talc…you think it’s achievable?  Well, Human Nature promises to bring only the good.  And that includes bringing only the good ingredients for their mineral makeup line.  Just hearing the words “mineral” and “makeup” in one sentence already gets my attention. 

But then, since it’s makeup, it’s also essential that it delivers what it should deliver.  For this review, we shall see. 
But first, a little back track… I first reviewed a blush from this line called Pink Quartz.  Unfortunately, it didn’t reach my expectations too well.  The color was nice, but the texture and the scent that came with it was just not working for me.  However, I changed my mind with this other shade called Tropical Rose.  It’s not my typical blush color, but I was surprised at how well it performed.

As for the mineral powder, I think I found a good dupe for MAC Blot.  But before anything else, let’s proceed with the usual stuff, shall we?


Place bought:  Human Nature Store,  Commonwealth Branch

Price:  425 PHP for the mineral powder, 225 PHP for the blush

Packaging:  The mineral powder comes in a gold compact, complete with mirror and a sponge.  The blush, meanwhile, is encased in a gold pot which needs to be twisted to open.  Both came in peachy-pink boxes, where the ingredients and expiration dates were listed.  At the back of each product, the shade name and other information are also written.

Shade:  The mineral powder is Sand Dollar – it’s a tad too yellow for my skin, and a little too dark, yet somehow, using a brush, I get to work with the shade on my skintone.  As for the blush, the shade is Tropical Rose, which appears a like a burnt coral/orange in the pan but applies peach on my skin.

Here's the mineral powder:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Mama

(Today is my Mama’s birthday.  She’s supposed to be turning 59.  It’s been 10 years since she passed away since January, and God knows how much we miss her.  This is a personal post to remember her.)

To my first ever makeup artist and beauty mentor:   thank you for teaching me how to be beautiful and to remain as beautiful as you are.  I learned how essential it was to always have a mirror, powder and comb with me.  I learned how it was important to always be dressed up, no matter where I am going.  I learned how to take good care of my skin and it was you who taught us the importance of vitamins to keep our skin and hair healthy.  It was you who took us to our first trip to the salon to have our hair cut or to have our nails done.  Thank you for taking care of us so meticulously, so that we (my sister and I) would always be confident in our overall appearances.
To my math tutor:  I would always be thankful that my Mama was a genius when it came to numbers.  I may never have inherited that trait, but I would always be proud to brag that you were the one who taught me the basics of multiplication and division.  I credit my bonus points in my quizzes during gradeschool to you.