Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Mama

(Today is my Mama’s birthday.  She’s supposed to be turning 59.  It’s been 10 years since she passed away since January, and God knows how much we miss her.  This is a personal post to remember her.)

To my first ever makeup artist and beauty mentor:   thank you for teaching me how to be beautiful and to remain as beautiful as you are.  I learned how essential it was to always have a mirror, powder and comb with me.  I learned how it was important to always be dressed up, no matter where I am going.  I learned how to take good care of my skin and it was you who taught us the importance of vitamins to keep our skin and hair healthy.  It was you who took us to our first trip to the salon to have our hair cut or to have our nails done.  Thank you for taking care of us so meticulously, so that we (my sister and I) would always be confident in our overall appearances.
To my math tutor:  I would always be thankful that my Mama was a genius when it came to numbers.  I may never have inherited that trait, but I would always be proud to brag that you were the one who taught me the basics of multiplication and division.  I credit my bonus points in my quizzes during gradeschool to you.

To my personal guidance counselor:  You may have a different thinking when it came to courtship and boys, and though we had our disagreements, I would always remember your number one rule: “Never call a boy, let him call you.”  To this day, I still practice that and I learned to appreciate the wisdom in that advice.   Another rule that you taught me was to “Collect and collect, and then select”.  However, Mama, I may now have built my own collection of admirers, boyfriends, suitors, including rejects, but somehow, I never really learned how to select properly.  But I always do keep in mind that rule.
To my career advisor:  I remember how you wanted me to become a doctor, and repeatedly told me that I am not suited to be a lawyer.  I told you how difficult it was to struggle with my Chem 16 and Math 17 subjects during my first year in college, because I wasn’t gifted with your math prowess.  Still, you adviced me to try.  But hey Mama, I am now a lawyer.  I may never be good in numbers, but I will always be good with words.  Sorry to disappoint, but I’m sure you are still proud of me no matter what. 
And lastly to my Mama, for being so:  I have only this to say: I miss you so much.  There are times when I know that I’ve become so independent that I never ask help from anybody anymore.   I learned to become strong, because you were a strong woman yourself.  Still, there are times when all seems to be going wrong and the only thing that would make everything better is your warm embrace.  We truly miss having you around physically. 
Today, Mama, I wish you happy birthday.  Wherever you may be right now, I know that you are proud and happy for us.  Despite the difficulties that my siblings and I encounter, when things turn around to be better, I know and believe that it was you who made things better.  Call it wishful thinking or whatever, but I know that you are still watching over us.
I love you, Mama.  We are still praying for you.


  1. Wherever she is right now, I'm pretty sure how mighty proud she is of her daughter and how she's watching over you. :)

  2. Nakakaiyak naman to.
    How I wish she could see us now. Haayy...
    Visit tayo kay Mama soon =)


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