Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun Purple Nails from Kleancolor

Heya! Not much to blog about today.  I'm currently at work and reviewing some documents as usual.  But I'm taking a quick breather to talk about my new nail color for the week. 

Kleancolor is a US cosmetics brand which I chanced upon from reading other blogs.  They seem to have a nice collection of makeup, including lust-worthy eyeshadow palettes.  Unfortunately, the products aren't available in the Philippines.  I'm not sure if their products are also sold online thru Multiply or Ebay, though.  However, luckily, I learned that there were available nail polishes from the brand at the recent Cosmetics Expo held at the SMX.  I wasn't there personally for the event, but my sister went. So I asked her to buy me a few bottles of polishes.  I searched the website too, and was happy to see that they sell affordable nail polishes with a huge collection of colors and textures.

And so, we bought bottles of the Kleancolor Nail Lacquers for only Php150.00 each.  I got Purple, Teal Marble, and one bottle of their Crack Nail Lacquer in navy blue, which I have yet to try.  Since I love purple (obviously), it's the first one I roadtested.  (Pardon the photos taken from my Ipod Touch.)

I was also wearing purple last Monday, so it matched my nails!

Purple is a bright, shimmery purple color.  It's best to be worn with shorter nails, so it won't be too overwhelming.  It applies smoothly, easily and dries quite fast too.  I applied the color on Sunday, and if not for washing the dishes regularly, I think it lasts for a good one week without chipping.

Sayang, I wasn't able to personally choose the colors that I like.  I read they also have matte colors. 

Okay, that's it for today.  Better get back to work!

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