Friday, March 30, 2012

LOD: Beauty Credit's Raspberry Pop

Hey there, lovely ladies! It's been one hell of a busy week for me.  I've been on a work trip to Palawan again, and I'm really craving for a vacation.  I can't wait for the Holy Week to start.

So anyhoo, I'm posting this Lips of the Day post.  It's this lipstick I got from Beauty Credit's store in Subic one summer ago. I loved the packaging, so simple and cute with the engraving of a horse and stars.

And I also like the color of this one. Nothing too loud, nor too boring either. It's a rich and creamy brownish pink.  I constantly used this when I first got it and I notice that I'm almost at the end of the tube now. Plus, I detect a slight chemical scent, which means it's time to throw it away.  But before I bid goodbye to this lippie, here's a lip swatch of it:

 Pretty shade, right? I wonder if I have other shades similar to it on my stash.  I'll update you on that soon.

On another note....

Gosh! I almost lost my Blogger account. I don't know what happened earlier, but I cannot seem to sign in.  Thankfully, Google created a quick and easy way to retrieve the account and change passwords. So I'm here now, yay! But I almost lost my mind for about an hour, figuring out what to do.  Good thing my boss already left the office, otherwise I won't be able to fix it quick. Gah!

So anyways, it'll be a long vacation next week. What are you guys up to?

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