Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Milea Minerals Sassy Lip Cremes

These lip cremes pack a bunch of good, natural and safe ingredients. Handcrafted by Filipino hands by organic skin care brand Milea Bath and Body Wellness Essentials, these lip cremes promise a lot. 

But first, a little information about Milea.  It's a skin care brand focusing on natural, organic ingredients which are sourced from our own soils.  They have organic products which are composed of organic, homemade soaps created with none of the harsh chemicals and ingredients that are common in commercial brands.  They also have a baby care line, which focuses on delivering natural products that are safe for babies' sensitive skins.  They also sell locally-processed honey and other honey-based skin care products. And lastly, they also have a mineral makeup line called Milea Minerals.  It's from this line where the Sassy Lip Cremes come from.

Let's move on with the review.

Place Bought: at the Milea booth during the Network for Enterprising Women (NEW) event
Price:  135.00 PHP each
Packaging:  the lip cremes are housed in slim plastic lipstick tubes, with their shade color and label.
Shade:  I got two - Passion Orange and Rose.

These lip cremes function as both lip balms and lip colors.  Although they are supposed to be made of the same ingredients, I notice a tad difference in the consistencies of the two shades.

First, Passion Orange, which is a warm brown orange shade with the tiniest gold specks, applies smoothly and buttery on the lips.  The color is also more opaque and one swipe is enough to give me color.  As you know, I hate lipsticks that are sheer, so this shade was really nice on me.

As for Rose, it's a warm rose color with small gold glitters on the tube.  It was pretty on the tube, and although it also applies smoothly and buttery, it was sheer on my lips - almost unnoticeable.

But the moisturizing factor is great, I love how they feel on the lips.  And it also doesn't hurt that these have no parabens, talc, mineral oil and other usual chemical makeup ingredients.  Instead, it's made of Natural Apis Cerana and Apis Dorsata Beeswax that seal in moisture and give protection.  They are also infused with natural vitamin E, virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and avocado oil. All good, right?

from the left: Rose (using 3 swipes to make the shade show up) and Passion Orange (one swipe)

Oh, I think the packaging of these great lip products are a shame.  Because the lip cremes are soft in texture, it was difficult if the tube get stuck and the product just won't twist up thereby creating a mess in using it.  I had a hard time twisting up Passion Orange, only to have it stick to the plastic tube.  Once I got it up, it also won't go down so I had to use my fingers to push it back.  Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Also, since they are supposed to be lip treatments and lip colors in one, they only stay on the lips for a good 1-2 hours without anything touching the mouth.  Lastly, I would love these even more if they had SPF, too.

When I saw these at the event I attended, I couldn't finish playing with them.  I couldn't even choose which colors I like and I can only buy two since I didn't have enough cash with me that day.  I like that these are great alternatives to my usual lip balms.  Based on the descriptions on Milea's website, they also work great on top of lip liners.  Overall, I'm glad with my purchase.

Milea products are available at the malls and also online.  Checkout their website and also their facebook page.  They currently have a contest where you can win 1000 pesos Multiply shopping money, if you like their facebook page and write something about them.

Well, that's it for today.  Until my next post. Have fun and stay safe!


  1. I like these, it's a shame about the packaging though. However at least it's more sanitary than if they were just placed in a jar!

  2. Milia products is really nice!! i always buy it at and so far I'm really amaze with this brand!


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