Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: NARS Sin

A shimmery mauve block of pressed powder, that’s what it looked to me.  This blush is not your ordinary shade for cheeks, but I kinda liked how unusual it looked. Here’s my take on it.

Place Bought: NARS Store at Rustan’s Makati.
Price:  1,450 PHP (approx. $25?)
Packaging:  Housed in a box, and in NARS’ usual rubbery compact.  Comes with a mirror, too.
Shade: Sin is described in the website as "berry tone with gold shimmer".  For me, it looks like a shimmery mauve shade.

how it looked when i bought it

look how dirty it is now

The best way to achieve a wearable mauve/purplish cheeks by using NARS Sin is applying it with a skunk brush (i.e. stippling brush).  I like how it lasts for hours on my cheeks and I like the shimmery effect without going too overboard.  It’s pigmented, so using the right kind of brush matters a lot.  At first, I used an ordinary blush brush, but it turned out to be too muddy on my cheeks.  It was as if I was bruised on the face.  But I got the hang of it upon using the skunk brush from ELF.  A little goes a long way, so it was better to layer it slowly to get the desired effect. It appears different by swatching it with a finger, but you should be able to see how it looks on my cheeks in the makeup look below.

on top: one swipe
below: 2 swipes

As per usual, the rubbery packaging of NARS blushes accumulates too much dirt on my makeup box.  It looks entirely different now than when it was first purchased. 

Here's the makeup look:

When I got this shade, I was originally contemplating on getting Oasis instead.  I had to swatch them both on my arm, and then go around the mall to see which shade I liked best .  I actually do this all the time when I do makeup shopping because I wanted to see the effects through different lights.  I decided to get Sin because aside from the fact that it was more pigmented than Oasis, I think there are no other dupes for it.  It’s different, it’s purplish, and it was less glittery than Oasis. 

How do I wear it? I wear this when I wanted to highlight my cheekbones rather than my eyes.  So needless to say, I wear Sin with minimal eye makeup.  Also, the lip color has to match so I wear either nudes or light pink colors on my lips.  Since it’s a dark cheek color, I think some girls can also wear it as a bronzer, but only if applied correctly.  Otherwise, wearing too much of it might look like somebody punched you in the face.  Oh, and I think it can also double as an eyeshadow, since the shade is really versatile. 

To end, I’d like to ask you, have you ever tried wearing an unusual shade as a blush?


  1. It look pretty nice on you! I love it!!I'm not sure if orange is an unusual shade. There was one time that I got addicted to orange shade thus I use a very orangey blush with gold shimmers to highlight my cheekbone ^_^~

    1. yes, I think orange is an unusual shade for a blush. I have yet to try that out, too.


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