Friday, April 13, 2012

Beach Beauty & Makeup Must-Haves

photo taken in Boracay last 2011

When it comes to wearing makeup on the beach, I've learned to bring only the must-haves.  Being a beach lover and a sun-worshipper ever since, I know that staying pretty on the beach takes only a bit of genius and practicality.

1.   First on the list is to have a reliable sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher.

 Given the going heat rates that Philippine summers usually have, this is already a requisite skin care product - if not for the whole summer but at least during beach trips.  Lately, we've seen a tremendous increase in the popularity of tinted moisturizers packed with tons of SPF.  If you hate having white casts on photos, then a tinted moisturizer with a high SPF is always a good option.  However, as for being water-proof, I still recommend a good old traditional sunblock to ensure utmost sun protection.  Remember, turning bright red in the middle of a white sand beach is not a pretty sight.  Personally, I prefer those from Hawaiian Tropic because aside from being affordable and easily available in any beauty sections, one variant also smells of coconut, which is a scent I always crave for during beach trips.

2.   Another must-have for me is a lip and cheek stain.

Knowing that the scorching heat will just melt powder blushes and even lipstick cremes, it's way better to rely on stains to give that pretty glow.  Besides, powder blushes won't adhere to the cheeks when it's already wet - either from swimming or from sweat.  The effect is also usually an ugly caked effect, which would surely turn off the cuties! So, to ensure that you still got those rosy cheeks and rosy lips, a two-in-one stain is your best bet.  In the photo above, we were already having dinner and I just dabbed a stain on both lips and cheeks. The effect - it enhanced my tan and gave me enough glow for the photos. For color selection, I recommend either fuschia shades, bright orange or corals, bright pinks, or any color that would enhance both your un-tanned face and your tanned face after spending hours under the sun.  For staining the lips, make sure to apply a lip balm with SPF first to protect the lips from the sun, too.

3.  Waterproof eyeliner is also one of my must-haves.  But I would rather stick to pencils instead of gel liners which has the tendency to melt or smudge under the hottest temperatures.  Eye pencils stay put even while swimming and they don't smudge at all.  Instant definition to the eyes, despite being under the scorching heat, why not, right?  Pair it with your rosy cheeks and lips, and you're one hot mama on the beach.  I've tried and tested this beauty trick many times, and even the cheapest colored eyeliners from Nichido does wonders.  I personally love a teal or green shade for defining the eyes, while on the beach.  Another plus is that the brown shades also double as eyebrow pencils to give subtle definition to eyebrows. 

So, that's it! Those are my must-haves for staying pretty while beach tripping. It's not really a lot, right?  You just need to look and feel good, at least for your traditional photo-ops by the shore.  Besides, nobody's really expecting one to be all made-up while on the beach.  It actually spells a-w-k-w-a-r-d.  LOL!

I'm actually off to a beach trip tomorrow, and I just wanted to share some tips for your upcoming beach trip, too.

Enjoy the rest of the summer heat!


  1. Have fun on the beach! :) I can't imagine anyone who would want to look too made up on the beach. :D

    It's the other way around for me. I hate being exposed in the sun. :(

    1. Well, I happen to know some people...haha. :P

      Thanks, Pammy. I will surely have fun.

  2. Love lip and cheek stain for summer, hindi matatanggal agad. Pero if I know I'll go under the sun, I skip it coz I tend to go tomato red.


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