Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nail Art Attempts


While I'm contemplating about how to start writing today at work, let me just do a quick post about my lovely nails.  Lately, I've been trying my hand at doing some nail art.  However, these are nothing really complicated, as it only entails sticking some cute shapes onto my nails.

For my first attempt, I tried using the nail glitters I got from The Face Shop over a beige nail polish from Caronia.

Here's how it turned out:

Just subtle attempts and I wanted them to look dainty and neat.  I also like that they're not immediately noticeable so these are perfect at work. 

However, since it's summer, I also wanted to try out pastel colors which are a hit this season.  For this next attempt, I used the pastel purple nail polish from the The Face Shop as base and then used my nail art kit which I got at Watson's for the little stars.  Quite a little too loud for the office, but they're fun! Heehee.

Achieve ba ang nail art?

Hmm...maybe next time I'll do some serious drawing, too.  

Anyway, gotta go back to work now.  Hope you liked today's post.  Till my next!


  1. i'll be looking forward to more nail art designs,sweetie!

    1. wow..i can't wait to show you my next attempt. hehe. Thanks for dropping by, Thiamere!


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