Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: MAC Blush in Dame

Hey, hey, ladies!

I've got another blush review for you today.  This time, it's more of a neutral shade. Presenting - 
MAC blush in Dame.


Place bought:  MAC store in Rustan's, Makati
Price:  1,350 PHP ($20)
Packaging: black round compact, with a box.
Shade:  Dame is described in the website as a satin blush in a sophisticated blue-pink shade.  For me, it's a matte dusty pink.


Like with my other MAC blush, this one is a very soft powder with fine particles.  No shimmer, just plain matte dusty pink color.  It swatches differently on my arm, but when applied with a brush, it gives me a healthy and natural-looking flush which I love.  On days when I don't want to highlight my cheeks, this comes in handy to give me enough color on the cheeks.  It also stays quite long enough, for about 5 hours on me.  Oh, and I found out that if I want to make the pink tone appear, I can always layer it on.


My only dissent is that it's too expensive for a powder blush. But then again, it costs less than a hundred bucks from NARS.  I also wish it would stay longer when applied alone on the cheeks, because I need my layering skills to make it stay longer.

Here's a swatch:


I know there are neutral blushes out there, you know those kinds where they are neither peach nor pink.  But for me, this pink blush is neutral enough to give color to cheeks when sporting a bright eye makeup or a bright lip.  It goes with every shade of lipstick, so I love that it's so versatile.  I use a regular blush brush to apply, and I'm good to go.

For a makeup look, this is how it looked on me:

just enough to give cheeks some definition

Well, that's about it for this blush.  Hope you'll like my review. And I wish you a lovely vacation this Holy Week! I honestly can't wait for the long weekend. It means long hours of sleep, LOL!

See yah!

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  1. Loved the blush color but too expensive for just a blush.. >_<


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