Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander Frame Plus in Blue Black Shade

What's up, ladies? It's almost the weekend and I can't wait to sleep in! It seems like I'm always sleepy for this whole week. 

By the way, Blogger has this new face and I think I like it better.  It makes it easier for blogging, visually.  

So anyway, let's move on to my review for today.  It's about my new mascara which I got for sale at SM Megamall Beauty Fair.  I got two for the price of one, ain't that cool?


Place bought: Majolica Majorca counter at SM Megamall department store
Price:  795 PHP for two!
Packaging:  Comes in a clear plastic box, but the product itself is in the usual girly packaging of MM, except that it comes in a navy blue shade.
Shade: It says Blue-Black. It does appear like a deep navy blue on the tube, but upon application, it's black.

Let's see more photos...


As with my old Lash Expander Frame Plus, this is my same HG mascara.  It gives a lot of definition to the lashes by making them thicker and longer.  I like the applicator, because it helps in putting the product on each lash easier.  The packaging is also cute.  As for the shade, it may seem blue but it applies black on the lashes. Not as dark as its black version though, but black enough to be worn at work.  It dries fast enough, which helps in avoiding smudges thereby making it last for a whole day.  Lastly, it really does hold up the curls made by my trusty eyelash curler.


Since the consistency is thick, it can be a pain to remove them.  The small fibers really stick to the lashes for as long as you have them on, making them difficult to remove.  Other than that, I have no other complaints.

Here's how my lashes turned out:

applied on both upper and lower lashes

don't you love my purple contacts? :P

I absolutely looove this mascara! It truly makes my eyes pop and my eye makeup look isn't always complete without a swipe.  Even without wearing eyeshadows, I have instant pretty eyes with just this and eyeliner. Another good thing is that I got this on sale, and I also have a backup! Can't ask for more, really.
If there'd be another sale from Majolica Majorca, I will surely be there to stock up on these in the different shades available. 

Other Product Reviews....

Before I end this post, I would like to inform you, my dear readers, that I also contribute articles to Filipina Makeup and Beauty Blog.  I currently have two product reviews posted already.  It's also a very informative blog, so do check it out.  I included it in my blog list, too, for easy reference.

So that's about it for this Friday. See you till my next post!

Have a fun weekend!

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