Thursday, May 17, 2012

LOD: Essence Lipstick in Sparkling Angel

Hey, girlies! 

OK, I'm guilty.  Sorry for not being able to update as often as I could, but things just got busy lately. I've been busy with the corporate world --- and with my new fitness plan.  For the fitness plan, I've been trying to jog at least 30 minutes for three times a week and incorporating some diet schemes.  So far, I've been diligent for a whole month.  I see improvements, but I'll dwell on that more on a separate post.

Anyhow, here's another Lipstick of the Day post to makeup for my long blogging time. Heehee!

This was part of the lippie haul I got from my trip to Malaysia.  The brand Essence isn't available locally - but I really wish it was.  This is a UK drugstore beauty brand that is available also in the US and some Asian countries, including Malaysia.   I actually bought this in their local Watson's.  For the price of roughly $2-3 dollars, you get a decent lipstick, which are available in many luscious shades.

For this lipstick, I chose Sparkling Angel because I was currently looking for a nude lipstick at that time.  There were no testers available, so I had to rely on the color I see on the tube.  It's a warm, almost copper-toned lipstick on the tube.

See that plastic transparent covering in the middle of the tube? That's the actual lipstick, so it's easy to identify the shade.  But the shade name is also written at the bottom of the tube.  It says, "Sparkling Angel".  I knew it would have sparkles and glitters, based on what I saw from the tube.  But I upon swatching on my hand, it was only until then that I found out the huge amount of glitters.

Glitters on my lips? Sure, why long as the shade isn't too overwhelming which would make me an 80's disco girl, I'm okay with the glitters.  In fact, from afar, I look like I just swiped some gloss. Color-wise, it's nude, so there isn't much pigmentation on the lips.  My lips just look like I literally kissed a glitter-ball. LOL!  As for the staying power, it remains on my lips for 2-3 hours.  It also gives enough moisture, so I'm all good without a lip balm.

Under the fluorescent light, my lips do sparkle!

I like it so far.  With the nude shade, it works for daytime office wear as long as I wear minimal makeup for the rest of my face.  I need not wear sparkly eyeshadows, or highlighter for the cheeks anymore - otherwise, I would literally look like a disco ball.  I also like that it has this sweet yummy scent - like candy. And it tastes like candy, too. 

I wish Essence would be available locally.   I would certainly like to try other shades of their lipstick line.  Have you tried this brand? Tell me about it.


  1. This looks like a nice lipstick. I love that shape of the lipstick tip :)

    1. Oh..well the shape was brought about by me. I dunno, most of my lipsticks end up like that. Lol!

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. I recently discovered this brand too! I like that it's affordable but quality is good enough. I hope it's locally available too. :)


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