Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LOD: NYX Round Lipstick in Chaos

What's happening?? News on TV says that our Chief Justice post is now officially vacant.  I have my rather serious thoughts and opinions about what transpired yesterday, but I think I'd rather keep them to myself.  Or maybe post about it in my other blog.  Since this is a beauty blog, there is certainly no place here for politics and the like. Haha!

So here's a review of a lipstick that I've been wearing for the week.  I love how the red shade with bluish undertones stands out against my skin.  It initially looked scary on the tube, but upon trying it out a few times, I got used to the shade.  I'm so loving it right now, especially on my laziest days.

Housed in the usual NYX round lipstick packaging, I got this tube from Pretty Goddess' stall in the Eastwood tiangge.  Actually, that's where I usually get my NYX fix.  I know how bloody red it actually looks like, and upon swatching on my arm, I knew it was gonna be a bold lip color.  But it's not really a true red shade, because it has blue undertones.  So what appears is a reddish pink hue.

Given how bold it is, I prefer wearing it with minimal makeup on the rest of my face.  Just some mascara, powder and well-groomed eyebrows, and I'm good to go!  Notice how it brightens my skintone, such that I need not wear too much product anymore.  I love the effect - not too vampy-ish, not too tacky and not cheap-looking either.  I also like that it leaves a stain on the lips after about 3-4 hours of wear time.

Finally, here's a lip swatch to show you the real deal.  

Tip:  Wearing red lipsticks can be quite tricky.  So I use a lip brush for application, making it easier to follow the outline of the lips.  Applying directly from the tube ends up being too messy and unflattering.  Some girls also apply lip liners first, to prevent the color from bleeding.  But if you can't be bothered with too much complication, a lip brush would do.  It also helps achieve the color intensity that you want.

Let's rock red lips! 

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