Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Shu Uemura One-Day Makeup Class Experience

I’ve been itching to attend a makeup class since I got hooked on makeup.  And so, lucky me, I saw this deal on Deal Grocer for a 1-day makeup class with Shu Uemura.  Knowing how prestigious the brand is, and since I have yet to own a Shu product, I grabbed the opportunity right away because it came with discount vouchers for their products!  Needless to say, the photos below will reveal how much I enjoyed the experience. 

Our work tables - those pink pouches contained some basic makeup brushes that we can use for practice.

my own work station with my Laneige makeup bag

Our instructor was Shu Uemura’s very own internationally-accredited makeup artist Ms. Sharon Soledad.  Part of the lecture  was to introduce the brand and some of their best-sellers.  She was great in her talk and was very helpful in answering everyone’s questions about makeup.  Our class is a mixture of both makeup enthusiasts and newbies.  I encountered women who knew nothing about makeup, and Ms. Sharon was very patient in listening to them.  She was also very hands-on, helping us pick out the right shade of foundation or eyeshadow.  Of course, I learned new tricks and tips, in addition to what I already know.  I was lucky that my seatmates were all makeup enthusiasts as well, I had fun looking at their makeup kits and vice-versa. 

me and my glammed up buddies, after our makeup session.

The ladies with Ms. Sharon Soledad (the lady in business suit).  Most of them were bare-faced at the beginning of the class, but look how pretty they look now!

What was more exciting was that I got to test out all the Shu products, from the skin care line to the makeup line.  It made me know which of them will probably be my next purchases.  I had a grand time swatching the soft eyeshadows and blushes.  I especially liked the Hard Formula Brow Pencil in gray shade – it made drawing eyebrows easy breezy! 
I also enjoyed the world-famous cleansing oils.  Although I’m already using the dupes from Pure Beauty which I recently got from Watson’s, nothing beats the original and real form of cleansing oils.  I had my makeup on during the class, and when it was time to practice, I had a great time enjoying the cleansing oil.
I also liked the UV Underbase Mousse in Beige, the famed eyelash curler, and the Face Architect Mousse Foundation.  At the end of the class, I wanted to purchase the brow pencil and the UV Underbase, but unfortunately, I only came home with underbase mousse because the brow pencil wasn’t available at the time. 

Ooh, I love Shu!

We got 10% discount for our purchases, plus some freebie samples of the cleansing oil, toner and serum.  We also got vouchers for another 10% discount for purchases,  for a free makeover, for  a free brow styling session and a lot more.  This was a totally amazing experience and I can’t wait to step into Shu Uemura’s flagship store in Power Plant Mall so I can get myself that brow pencil and maybe a cleansing oil, too.
Ah, Shu! You made me a convert, if not for the steep prices, I would like to get everything!  But for now, I’ll make do with my UV Underbase.  Watch out for my review of this.
Here are my before and after makeup looks, applying what I learned from the class.

(1) no makeup at all, (I have sparse eyebrows, you see?)
(2) after applying my base and foundation
(3) with my fully-madeup eyebrows using the Hard Formula pencil

The final look - all products from Shu Uemura.

a closer look of my eye makeup
  The class was held at the L'Oreal Academie in Robinson's Equitable Tower.  Apparently, they are like sister companies.  It was a good half-day class, starting from 1pm until 5pm.  I had a date that night, too, and my makeup look sure came in handy. Heehee!

I'm a Certified Hakken-Makeup student!


  1. Hi classmate! You're a blogger pala. We didn't really get to chat during class but you might remember me as the lady in pink :) great blog! Made me remember how much fun we had at the class!

    1. Hi, Richelle! You must be seated in the other table, so I cant really remember you that much. But thanks for dropping by! It was a fun class, ain't it? :)


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