Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On Using a Lip Brush and a Review: Charm's Lip Brush


While my boss is away, here I am updating my blog.  I haven't done any new posts since last week, so here's a new one for ya.  I'm gonna tell you all about this nifty little brush that makes my lip colors last longer and look more glam.


Place bought:  Pur Beauty Store, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City
Price:  If I remember correctly, it's roughly around 200-300 PHP, but definitely not over 400 PHP.
Packaging:  What drew me into buying this lip brush is that it comes with a cover, which makes it easy to tote in my vanity kit.  This is part of a set, but the brushes can be bought individually.  For size reference, I placed it with my MAC Blot to give you an idea.
Shade:  Only one shade for this brush - dark brown bristles, light pink and black handle, and black ferrule. 

More photos for my ladies:

how it looks like with the cover/cap


For this particular brush, I like that it makes clean lines.  It picks up just enough product, so I can build up my desired color intensity.  The brush is soft enough, no tugging or pricking experienced so far.  I also like the cute packaging, and the fact that it came with a cover.  It makes it easy to carry it into my purse.  The size is also appropriate enough, and you can lengthen the handle by capping the cover on the other side of the brush - like a regular ballpen.

with a dash of lipstick


The only thing I find difficult with lip brushes is that I have to wash it every now and then.  Because lipsticks are creamy, oily and waxy, it sticks to the bristles so much that wiping with a tissue isn't enough to clean it well.  Also, I find the size of this brush itself kinda small.  I want it bigger for a little bit.

Here's how a swipe of a lipstick looks like, using this brush:


I don't usually apply my lipsticks using a lip brush.  I just pop open a tube and swipe directly on my lips.  But when I got the hang of applying lip brushes, I found that it's a nifty and clever little trick to make lip colors last longer.  I guess the trick is that it's because the lip brush goes into each nook and line of the lips, making it possible to color every corner.  It also presses the product more into the lips.  Thus, the result is longer-wearing lipstick.

Also, it eliminates the need to use lip liners as an extra step to keep the lipstick from fading.  Using a lip brush, the lip color becomes more defined and clean, and the lip shape becomes even more prominent.  Another plus is that it keeps my lipstick tubes clean. Oh, one other thing is that it avoids the risk of breaking the creamy tube from too much application (happens to me all the time!).

Hence, I'm now a fan of lip brushes. And this one from Charm makes the experience more fun because it makes application easy.  This is my second brush from Charm so far, and I still do like the softness of the brushes that they promise to deliver.

What about you, do you use a lip brush, too?
Let's hear your thoughts.

(OK, my boss is back.  I'm right on track, see you next time!)

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