Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ube with Flowers

Here's another nail art post for you.  Though not really art, because I just stuck some nail decals on each of my fingernails, except my thumbs.  Yesterday, I didn't go to work so I stayed at home all day.  I was bored, so I looked at my lavender nails and decided to tweak them a little. 

After applying 2 more coats of the lavender nail polish, here's how it turned out:

Yep, flowers.  Tiny white and pink flowers with blue outline.   I got these on a sale in a nail art shop at Market! Market! mall.  I actually got two more (in other designs, of course) because they were on a 3 for 100PHP deal. These are like rubberized decals, and I had a hard time making them stick to each nail.  I had to press down a few times.  Although, they soften up a bit once you put a clear polish over them, so it was easier to control.  I didn't bother to put on my thumb anymore, because I kinda think it's too much already. 

I know it ended up a bit messy, though.  But I think I did good for a beginner. Heehee.  For me, it looks too girly, but I'm getting used to them.  Although, I won't recommend wearing these in a strict corporate office. 

Don't you think it's too girly?

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