Thursday, June 21, 2012

LOD: Etude House My Dear My Blooming Lips in OR202

Am I too late to jump into the bandwagon of orange lipsticks?

In the beauty world, the summer season was invaded with too much Tangerine Tango, the predicted Pantone's color of the year. Unfortunately and sadly, summer is definitely over in the Philippines but a bright pop of color won't really hurt to cheer up a gloomy day.  Besides, in other parts of the world, the summer season has only begun today, so I think my fascination for orange lips still hold good. I don't really have a lot of orange lipsticks, so I'm happy to find one that's affordable enough just for the heck of trying it.

For today, let me show you what I found while browsing around an Etude House store one day.  I saw a bunch of orange lipsticks in different shades - from muted brown orange to almost neon orange.  I tested out each of them, until I found what best looks good on me.  If I were still younger, I would have grabbed the bright neon orange color but I had to remember how wearing makeup should also be age-appropriate.  So I settled with OR202.

For almost 400PHP a pop, I found this one a decent lipstick.  It's my first lipstick from Etude House.  What's really fascinating aside from the shade is the packaging.  In a light pink tube in a unique girly shape complete with that tiny ribbon, it was really adorable.

The shade name can be seen at the bottom.  And it's the size of most regular lipsticks.  What I like is the little detail of an engraving on the tube itself, which you will see closely below.

But did I like the actual product?  Let's see.

Color-wise, I think it's really pretty on me.  I can put one swipe and the color shows through immediately.  It's in a creamy satin texture, with subtle shimmers.  But if I layer it on, I can achieve a nice bright orange lips - although not traffic-stopping bright.   It's just the right mix of warm orange with brown and peach tones, and it goes well with my skin tone (which is yellowish).

under artificial lighting

As for length of wear time, it could stay put after about two cups of coffee.  I don't mind having to apply again every 3 hours or so.  If long-wearing is your cup of tea, then you might not like it at all.  But I think layering it over a lip liner in similar shade would help prolong the wear time.

But here's the catch - although I do love the shade, packaging and texture, I really hate that it leaves my puckers dry.  I find myself reaching for my lip balm to apply either over or under it.  It's too drying for me, but I do hope other gals would find it okay.  It appears shiny on the lips, glides on smoothly, yet it dries out the lips after about two hours?

Nevertheless, I still do love the shade.  I see myself sticking with this, until I get tired of orange lips - but of course, with a  trusty lip balm in handy. LOL.


  1. oooh~ the packaging is so pretty and elegant so does the shade! Thanks for sharing ^_~

    1. Yeah, it's really pretty. Thanks for dropping by, Janet! :)


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