Friday, June 8, 2012

News: The Kardashians' Makeup Line

Do you love the Kardashians' sisters?  I don't know about you, but I do! Aside from their fun family bonding, I like their style and glamour.  I also like that they're always made up and I kinda dig the smoky eyes and nude lips look. It's actually their signature makeup look, right?  My favorite is Kourtney.  I think she's the practical and smart one, which may be because she's the eldest.  I also find her the prettiest.

Anyway, I was browsing through today, and I found out that they're launching their own makeup line! Isn't that fab?  It's called "Khroma", and I think the name is soo Kardashian.   I think it's great makeup-worthy news for makeup lovers like me, so I'm sharing it here.

I'm especially interested in their mascaras, because they seem to always have those fabulous lashes and I wonder if the mascaras would give that same effect. They're also introducing a facial mask made of real 24k gold.  Another neat invention is the lip gloss belt/holder that one wears over the legs. I think that's pure genius!  All in all, I think the collection (which is to be available in the US soon - hopefully it also reaches our shores!) rocks!

Here's a quick scoop, credit goes to

Is this the one mascara that will give me full-on lashes just like Kim?

How about some nude pouty lips that the sisters always rock?

This is the gold mask I was telling you about - the Million Dollar Mask. The packaging is so classy!

And finally, the lip gloss holder/belt.  If your handbag can't fit any more item, then just slip this one on, so you still got your handy lipgloss for your night outs. 

Anything you fancy?  See more of them here.

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Thanks for this info! I'm not an avid fan of the Kardashian's but still those products looks so interesting! I just hope they would set the price a little friendlier =)


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