Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project 120: My Weight Loss Plan

my old Nike running shoes
If you’ve been reading my previous posts, I’ve mentioned about this weight loss plan that I’m doing since the beginning of April.  The reason is that, although I’m not really fat fat, I just have some issues with my belly and my bloated feeling all the time.  I also came to realize that since I stopped law school, my weight began increasing tremendously.  The most significant change was when I stayed at the US for four months after graduating from law school.  It was a vacation -  and I had access to all the glorious foods I could think of, be it sweets, chips, lobsters, steaks, etc.  The fact that the relatives I stayed in with always cooked delicious food added more spice to my weight gain.  To make the story short, I came home gaining 10 lbs.  I even wore a gartered sweat pants during the long flight home, because my trusty skinny jeans just didn’t fit anymore.  Well, as months went on, my usual 120 lbs. weight soared even higher, and now, I am 138 lbs. heavier.  Grabe noh?
Now that I can afford it, I can eat whatever I want.  The luxurious foods that I can’t buy before because of my meager allowance, I can now eat at will.  I was happy for awhile.  Chocolates, cakes and any sweets were my weaknesses

Chocolate = Endorphins!

But it also meant not being able to wear my usual clothes anymore.  And I felt bloated every time. The fact is,  I am scared to be fat! So I had to make a drastic plan.  Or make it a project even.  So I came up with Project 120.  It’s my fitness plan to get back to my 120 lbs. size.  I don’t know if I can achieve it back, but I’m staying positive.  I don’t have a trainer, and I don’t have plans of enrolling to a gym.  I just figured I can do this without having to spend too much.  So, how did it go?
I have to say, it wasn’t easy as a pie.  Heck, it’s been awhile since I was active in moving around.  I was a cheerleader in school back then, but the endurance to dance for hours during those days was gone.  My plan was to do some jogging for 30 minutes for thrice a week.  I had a hard time, because I can’t even jog for 1 whole minute straight.  But little by little, as weeks had gone by, I realized that my endurance is slowly creeping back in.  Which is a hell lot of an improvement, I  dare say.

An Apple a day keeps the fat away!

The exercise plan was one thing, but sticking to a food plan was an entirely different story.  As I said, I love sweets! But I had to be strict with myself to do this project. So I made research for food that I can safely eat, without piling too much sugar and carbs.  I began this Apples Day Diet.  I had to eat only apples for one whole day for twice a week.  One apple can make you full, without having to take a lot of sugar and carbs.  It's also full of vitamins, so it was my meal fix. But it was majorly difficult, I tell you!  So I improvised by eating apples for my main meals, but eating nuts for my snacks just to compensate for my taste cravings.  There were times I cheated (I ate a small pack of M&M's during my first day!), but I adjusted gradually.   And then, there was the “No Rice Plan” for the other days of the week.  I can eat anything, except for rice.  As substitute for carbs, I eat wheat bread or plain bread, sometimes with peanut butter for my protein intake.    As I was also doing jogs, I know I had to fuel up a bit, so I only do my apples diet on days when I won’t be jogging.

rock chocolates from Candy Corner used to be my quick chocolate fix, but I have to stay away!

Right now, since I began, I already lost 3 lbs.  I know it isn’t much, but hey! That’s three pounds minus the excess weight that I have to lose already, so it really felt good.  It was indeed difficult, so I also had to make it a bit fun by incorporating a "cheat day".  It meant that on Sundays, I can eat the food/meal I want.  At the end of the week, I'm already looking forward to eating a fun snack or a full yummy meal.  At least, I still don't feel deprived or starved to death! LOL!
Staying fit and healthy is part of my definition of being beautiful.  I don’t know, but it somehow adds up to having that boost of confidence. 
Will I ever be successful in my project?  I will update you soon if my plan worked.. 

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