Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project 120 Updates and How to do a One-Minute Facial Massage

Taken while the "Super Moon" was out sometime May, remember that?  I had this amazing view while doing my jogging rounds at BHS, Fort, Taguig.

And we're down to one day, before the weekend bug bites again.  I can't wait for tomorrow night because I'm going out with my girlfriends! It's been awhile since I last hung out with them. I'm already planning my outfit and makeup, actually. 

However, since it's a Friday tomorrow, it also meant "jogging day" for me.  So I expect to be in quite a rush tomorrow evening, wanting to squeeze in all activities.  I missed jogging last week, because I had some tummy troubles.  I also ate a little bit more than I should, because I was trying to tame my bad tummy.  However, I still made sure I didn't go past way beyond my calorie-intake.

This week, hopefully, I'll be back on track.  I had my rounds last Tuesday and it felt good.  Today is my apples day, too, so I plan to stick with my diet plan.  So far, I already lost another 2 lbs. Ain't that great news or what?!  I'm only down to 10 more! (woot! woot!)

I'm losing weight and starting to fit in some of my regular pants - which is really great!  Still, there's quite a downside to all those physical activties I do every week. I get muscle pains and sometimes, cramps.  I know I badly need a body massage soon!

Speaking of massage, have you heard of facial massages?  They actually only take a minute tops, and you get a lot of benefits from it.  I remember my mom teaching me how to do it regularly.  It is said to promote blood circulation and prevent pre-mature wrinkles.  During the Laneige makeup workshop event, I also learned that it should be a regular part of skin care, while applying moisturizer.  They also taught a neat and easy way to do it.

I was browsing online, and I saw this cool illustration from The Face Shop website.  I hope you learn from it, too.  I do mine while cleansing my face, and while using a cleansing oil.  It's actually like hitting two birds in one stone - you get to remove all that makeup and you get to massage your face.  Regularly doing it will promote wonders on the skin's texture. 

from The Face Shop

I suggest doing this every night, either while putting your moisturizer on or while cleansing your face.  However, for busy girls who can't be bothered with a mere 1 minute beauty routine, twice or thrice a week would do.  For girls who're afraid of getting wrinkles like me, do it everyday! Oh, and make sure your hands a squeaky clean before doing a massage. 

Hope you like. 

Have a fun Thursday!

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