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Review: The Face Shop's Lovely Me:Ex BB Cream

So... what exactly is a BB cream?  Unless you’re living under a rock, this wonder makeup product has been invading the beauty world for the past few years.  Originally from Korean makeup brands, it is notable that other high-end and mainstream brands are following suit, and concocting their own versions of a BB Cream. Previously, it was a quest to find out which Korean/Japanese makeup brand offers the best BB Cream.  But now, you can find a BB Cream made by almost all your favorite international makeup brands.  Interesting, right?
As a BB Cream user, I am a bit wondering why I haven’t made a review yet of any of the products I’ve been using.  It is interesting to note that my first BB Cream isn’t even from a Korean brand, but from Elianto – which is a makeup brand based in Malaysia.  Ever since that moment, I got hooked and I used all of my tube until the last drop.  Sadly, Elianto left our shores, so I was faced with finding the next best bet.  Upon searching the internet, there were many brands I saw but they weren’t really available locally.  I have this pet peeve about ordering makeup online, because aside from I wanted to see and test the product myself, I have fears that the products may be either fake, expired or used.  So my best option was to explore the Korean makeup stores that have sprouted all over the metro.  Interestingly, one of my favorite Korean makeup brands – The Face Shop – happened to have different kinds of BB Cream, and it is from this brand that I discovered my true gems. 
But let me go back to my first question – what is a BB Cream?  For the benefit of makeup newbies out there, let me try to explain in as little words as possible.  BB Cream is a face product originally formulated or created in Germany and initially used to protect and soothe the skin after laser procedures and surgery.  Later on, the same formulation was introduced to Korea and Japan and it was there where it began its fame.  It became known as the “secret” of Korean and Japanese women in achieving clear, flawless and radiant white skin.  “BB” stands for “Blemish Balm”, and rightfully so, it indeed covers blemishes, pimple scars and other minor skin discolorations on the face, thereby creating a clear and brightened face.  However, it also has other skin-saving properties, such as moisturization, whitening, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.    Today, it is a multi-tasking product as it works as a primer, moisturizer, sunblock and foundation.  For many women today - including myself - BB Creams are great alternatives to a regular foundation because of its other good skin benefits.  It also comes in different shades that work to match the skin tone in order to achieve a smooth, clear and even-toned canvass for makeup application.  I especially love that the SPFs in BB creams range from SPF 20 or higher.
Given that, let’s take a look in one of the BB Creams I regularly use.

Place Bought:  The Face Shop store, SM Megamall branch
Price:  495 PHP (I’m not really sure, but I know it’s not over 500 PHP, let me update this soon.)
Packaging:  As with most BB creams, this one is in a squeezable plastic tube.
Shade:  There appears to be one shade only for this line.  However, it does match my skin tone.

The line “Lovely Me:Ex” of The Face Shop caters more to young girls or teenagers who are trying their first dibs on makeup.  Probably the reason why it’s in a quirky, no-fuss packaging, as compared to the other BB creams from the brand.   As it is created with a teenager’s skin in mind, the formulation of this is light, soft and creamy.  It’s easily blended and spread onto the skin by using just fingers, and it delivers sheer to light coverage.  It’s oil-free and leaves a matte, slightly dewy, finish upon application.  With SPF 20, it becomes a one-step product for me.  It doesn’t have a gray cast with it, so it photographs beautifully.  It feels light on the skin, as if I only applied my regular moisturizer.  It lasts for a good 3-4 hours on me when used alone, until my face gets oily again.


blended a bit

I guess my only problem with it is that there’s only one shade available.  So if I get a tan, I cannot really use this, unless I wanted to channel a ‘geisha-inspired makeup look’. Lol. There’s also not enough substantial coverage, so gals looking for such factor in a BB cream won’t probably find this usable. 

As with all BB creams and liquid foundations, the trick to making it last longer is to use a great setting powder.  A transluscent, almost invisible loose powder would be perfect to use over BB creams, by using a large kabuki brush to spread the powder evenly.  Hence, for me, even if this product applies sheer or light, I can always tweak the finishing touches depending on what I wanted to achieve.  Because above all else, I use BB cream mostly for primer and sun protection.
For a longer-lasting full coverage, applying a powder foundation over it would definitely create a huge difference.  But for a lighter feel, a simple dusting of loose powder would do, just to get rid of the dewi-ness.  However, if you're really aiming for a dewy effect - then by all means, use it alone or together with a highlighter.
For first-time BB cream users, I highly recommend this BB cream from The Face Shop.  It isn’t too scary to use, it’s light on the skin, and you will feel like it isn’t clogging any pores.  Plus, it whitens, protects and moisturizes the skin – so those alone should make you try it out.  If the shade seems too light for you, then using a powder foundation or a loose powder in your correct shade will make it work.

(whew, such a long review!)

In other news...

Check out my new photos above. I changed the place of the watermark, because apparently, the other thing needing protection other than my face are my photos!  I'm still experimenting with a few other ways to place the watermark, so expect to see a difference in my photos.  

Anyways, hope you like.

Update Alert!

As you all can see from the photos, this BB cream is packaged in a plastic tube.  But I found out during my travelling gigs that this sort of packaging isn't suitable for travel.  The product leaked out on the other side, which is supposed to be SEALED!

Que Horror of Horrors! By the time I got home, I was surprised to find out that the rest of my makeup kit, including my bath towel, have BB cream all over!  Not only was it messy, but I wasted almost 1/4 of the product. Gah!!!

So anyways, if you plan to purchase and bring this with you during travels, remember to store it properly - like in a sturdy, hard-cased makeup kit. Or better yet, transfer it in a pot.



  1. Hello eonni ... This suddenly made me want to buy one. I feel kind of flirty and choosy just because I want to have one. Do I seem like it? Well, I'm only 13 and I have pimples. I know it's normal for ages like mine to have pimples but I want to look pretty, too. I just don't have the confidence to use BB Cream at school, though. xD Just for simple family parties or dinners, friend hang-out sessions, special occasions, etc. May I ask, is it safe for my age? Or someone who's 14? My friend would also like to have one and try it out. Except she wants the Etude brand because she likes 2NE1 Dara and SHINee Minho a lot. xD I mean, is BB Cream (not just The Face Shop's) safe for ages between 12-15? :) I hope you can answer this, eonni! Thank you. This is very helpful!

    1. Hi, Gae!

      First of all, my name is Chryztyne. :)
      As for your question, I think this BB cream from The Face Shop is actually especially made for teens like you. It feels light on the skin and works to give you smooth and sun-protected skin. Remember to put powder over it to achieve a longer-lasting effect. Good luck on that!

    2. Gae Il
      i had read about ingredients these bb cream
      it's contain tea tree oil., if you know than ingredients is for healing acne and drying pimples in natural way.,
      for my self i really like tea tree oil, form my acne and pimple problems.,
      i still had it , no matter how old i am :(

      really loves your review., in my country these product it's not booming.,but i interested with these one :(
      i got little problem when i googling to search review for these bb cream.

    3. hi alice - well, you can try researching in online shops or in ebay. I'm sure BB creams are available there. thanks for dropping by! :P

  2. Hi Chryztyne! It's a great review! anyway, I'm searching for a best powder that could perfectly suit with that BB cream.. do you have any suggestions? what powder do you use? thanks a lot!

    1. Hi there! I actually recently made a post about my new customized loose powder which I use to set my BB creams. However, you may also try the loose powders from The Face Shop. Just remember to pick one in your correct shade. In reality, any loose powder will do to set your BB cream, but the trick lies in the application. You can either use a kabuki to buff around the face, or a puff to press the powder to the skin. Hope this helps!

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  4. Hi Ms. chryztyne, very nice & helpfull review. I'm just curious if this bb cream effective enough to cover some dark spots or acne marks? Thanks

  5. is it okay if i use it daily?


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