Friday, June 1, 2012

Review: Human Nature's Hand and Foot Salve in Eucalyptus

As we grow older, the first few signs of aging are shown on the skin of our hands.  It's more prone to wrinkles, drying and skin-damage.  Makes sense, because it's the part of our body that we use extensively.  Hence, the birth of hand creams.  Hand creams are meant to target the hands and are more potent in terms of moisturizing properties.

Since I began switching to natural and organic products when it came to my skin care, it's no surprise that Human Nature's Hand and Foot Salve will make it to my vanity.  But first, here are the quick specs:


Place bought:  Human Nature Head Office/Branch in Commonwealth, Quezon City

Price:  109 PHP at the time I bought it.  For 50g of product, I think it's affordable.

Packaging:  It's in a white tub which is quite bulky to be lugged around in a purse.  So I'd rather keep one near my bed, and one in the office drawer.  For travelling, I think I might transfer some into a small tub.

Shade:  This is a skin care product, so the only shade you'll see is white.  It's a creamy white, light in texture and smells like eucalyptus.


First off, when I tried this at the store, I immediately liked the refreshing eucalyptus scent. It's minty and cool and refreshing.  I also like the creamy texture of the product and the fact that it doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin, unlike how some lotions do.  It's easily absorbed by the skin every time you put some on.  I also use this on my feet, before I go to sleep.  Before, I use pertroleum jelly on my feet, on my cracked heels, and on my cuticles.  But when I got this, I prefer it because of the refreshing scent.  It delivers the same moisturizing effect, too.  And since it's made of all natural ingredients aside from being locally-made, it's a great product for me.


What I don't like about it is the packaging.  In a tub, it could be a bit unhygienic to use every time.  It's also not advisable to keep it in your purse, so I suggest transferring some into a smaller pot if you plan to tote it around.  Other than that, the product itself is love!


I love great smelling products, especially if used on the skin.  The smell of eucalyptus brings about summer memories of my mom.  She loves the smell of eucalyptus, too and I remember her massaging eucalyptus oil on me whenever I was sick.  Yes, I know it could remind one of Vicks, you know, the vapor rub. But I love that scent, so I'm raving this. 

The other variant is Banana, but I dig this more.  They also have a new scent which is Strawberry, and I have yet to find out how that smells, too.

Well, that's about it for my Friday post.  It's the first of June, and that means that summer is over! Bummer for me, because I hate it when it rains too much. Oh well. Enjoy your weekend, folks!


  1. Thanks for the review on this! I've never really tried Human Nature's product! But this would be a nice product since its getting cold nowadays so must moisture!! ^_^~

    1. Heya, Janet! You should try them. They're really good. If you don't know how to avail of them, just let me know. teehee. Thanks for dropping by!


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