Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let’s Go Shopping: An Attempt at Virtual Shopping in Watson’s

What a very lazy Saturday!

Well, at least for me, it was.  There isn't a better Saturday for me, unless I was able to sleep until noon.  And that was exactly what I did today.  It felt really great getting up late, and the only reason I had to get up was because I had to pay our parking bills today.

As of the moment, I'm just lazing around the house, while watching a bit of TV.  And while I'm doing that, let me tell you how my little shopping went at Watson's last week.

Because of my busy schedule, I rarely have time to scout what's new in our favorite local beauty and drugstore shop.  So imagine my surprise when I happened to discover a few new things.

Let's see, this Watson's branch is located in Market! Market! mall.  It's the closest mall I could get to, right after work without having to go through a lot of traffic jams.

First stop was to see what’s new in Majolica Majorca.  Aside from Watson’s SM Megamall, this is the only branch I know that also houses a stall of the brand.  The new collection is already out, but I was interested in Lash King.  Luckily, in this branch, it’s not sold out yet. Yay!

Another stop was to check out the Marionnaud brushes.  I was surprised that there’s a lot of variety now.  Different eyeshadow brushes like the one in the photo are already available, for a very affordable price.

I went over to the face products next, and I saw a new product from Neutrogena.  Hmm, Black Head Eliminating Warming Treatment? Looks interesting, but I didn’t buy it for now. I wonder how it works.

Next was the hair products.  I was looking for something to enhance my digital perm, and I read about Monea Curl Defining Milk from Girltalk.  For only 99PHP, I grabbed it right away. Let’s see how this works, after I try it out.

WOW! Look at those nail polishes! I didn’t know that Watson’s now sells many brands, including nail art  effects! I got a few nail colors, and one nail art pen because I wanna try it out first.

I also went to checkout In2it’s booth, to get a powder foundation that I can bring for travel.  I only got a refill one, after being convinced by the SA.  I haven't tried this brand yet, so let's see how it'll work out for me. Sorry, no photo of the booth.

Finally – here's my haul: 

Lash King, In2it Powder Foundation, Monea Curl Defning Milk, Caress nail polishes, Sassy Nail Art Pen

I can't wait to try them all, especially my new mascara and the nail art pen! 

I've always loved Watson's, and I sure am glad that there are more stuff to see now. 

Well, I guess that's about it  for now.  I still got TV to watch. Till my next post!

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  1. I always get lost on my own little world when I'm browsing at Watsons.. it took me a lot of practice and will power to try and walk out of the store without buying anything.. I'm glad that I've kinda mastered it now.. curious of the hair milk.. but my hair's not curly :D love its packaging.. great haul sis.


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