Thursday, July 12, 2012

Makeup Bag Essentials


For today, I don't have my usual product review or lipstick of the day post.  What I decided to do was feature my current must-haves.  Or what I more appropriately consider as my quick & lazy makeup essentials for everyday.

Lately, I find myself doing my makeup either in the car or by the time I get to my office.  Waking up early and beating the 8AM clock everyday takes a lot of effort from a night owl like me.  So often, I'm late and rushing and the only thing I can do to make myself look presentable is to put my BB cream at least.   When I have an extra minute, I try to fix my eyebrows. And that's about all I can do, until I arrive at work where I do the rest of my face.

So here are what I have now ( and how I normally use them ):

For my face base, I bring along my Charm retractable kabuki brush, which I use for the powder foundation and MAC Blot Powder.  Currently, for the powder foundation, I'm trying out this oil-free powder foundation from In2it.  I only got the refill size so it would fit perfectly in my vanity bag.  Sometimes, I bring along my sample size Snow BB cream from Laneige, and I use that before patting on the powders.

For my cheeks, I usually just bring one powder blush and my Estee Lauder retractable travel face brush.  I got the Estee Lauder travel brush as part of a makeup gift which I got way back in 2009.  It's a soft brush and it's still working really well.  My go-to blush as of the moment is NARS Angelika.

For my lips, I bring 3 products - a lip brush, a lipstick and a lip balm.  Right now, I love pairing NYX Round Lipstick in Doll with my NARS Angelika blush.  They compliment each other really nicely.  For my lip balm, I still rely on this Maybelline one. It's kinda tinted, glossy and with SPF.

Inside the mesh makeup bag are my eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush/comb, a pocket size mirror, and towelettes.  I also have my travel eyelash curler which came from Hongkong given by my Tita and is surprisingly efficient.  I also almost always have a mascara, and right now, I'm trying this one from Shawill cosmetics.  Sometimes, I also bring an eyeliner with me, to make my eyes pop a little more because I don't really have time to do blending skills with eyeshadows.

Because I also workout/jog at night, and go to dinner afterwards when I have to meet up with friends, I also just use a bit of these products to somewhat look presentable post-workout.    The towelettes are a big help, as I use them to remove my makeup before doing my jogging.  I won't be caught dead jogging while my mascara streaks all over my sweaty face. It's just not pretty at all, haha! And then right after, I fix my eyebrows, swipe some powder, and flick my mascara.  The natural flush I get after each jog is enough to give color to my cheeks.

So there, my current go-tos. 

How about you, what are your makeup essentials?

Have a good day!

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