Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Makeup Design Academy Personal Makeup Class

What's up?

I know, I know.  I missed a week of blogging.  Things are so busy at work right now, so I had to attend to some lawyer duties for a bit.  In fact, the craziness at work isn't over yet, and I'm flying off for another work trip tomorrow.  Can I say, "argh!!"?

I'm so swamped! So before I totally forget, here's me doing my blogger duties before I run off again.  This post has been pending for three (3) weeks, so overdue!

So let's see.  I got hold of an Ensogo voucher to attend a personal makeup class from Makeup Design Academy.  The class is originally for 6,000PHP, but I got it for only 1,500PHP.  The regular rate also includes free makeup brushes, but since I have a promo voucher, it doesn't include that.  It was a good deal nonetheless, except for the fact that I had to drive all the way to Robinson's Manila, where the main branch is located.  I live in Cainta now, so it was a long drive for a Saturday night.  I was originally planning not to go anymore, because I don't know how to fit the class into my busy schedule, but I'm so glad I had that one Saturday off.

When I got to Robinson's Manila, I was an hour early so I decided to have my dinner because the class was for 6pm-9pm.  It took me awhile to find it, which was tucked away along the stores near the cinemas section.  Upon seeing the clean interiors, I got excited immediately.  But more importantly, I saw that they sell a huge array of makeup from different brands, with some of them not being available in our local department stores.  They've got Sleek, Barry M, NYX, and Beauty UK, along with the usual brands like MAC, Revlon, and L'oreal.

Upon making my appointment, I was told to bring my own powder puff, sponge and some personal makeup.  I thought we were gonna use our own makeup, but was surprised to find out that we can actually try what they have on hand.  I find this great because I was able to test and play with some Sleek eyeshadow palettes and foundations.  I've read that they are great products, and now I know why.

Our makeup instructor was their resident makeup artist and instructor, Ms. Pilita Gaudines.  She's also part of the professional makeup artist team of Make Up For Ever.  She was so energetic, friendly and bubbly.  I learned a lot from her - new tricks, techniques and tips.  What I liked was that she specifically taught me how to do my eye makeup based on how my eyes actually look.  You see, I have somewhat droopy eyelids so I require an extra step in blending my eyeshadows.  Now I know how to do it perfectly.

Ms. Pilita at work

Unlike my Shu Uemura makeup class in which there were about 15 students, there were only 3 students present here.  We were supposed to be six, but the other three didn't show up.  The class was informal, and it was like we were just friends making chit chat while learning how to do makeup.  Since it was a personal makeup class, it was mostly focused on everyday makeup application.  But what I enjoyed was that Ms. Pilita also taught us basic contouring.  I am still new to this trick, and I'm liking the effects of it on my round face.

Out of respect for my classmates, I refrained from posting their photos here. But here I am with the makeup look I made.

these were our workstations

As I told you before, I usually don't wear orange lipsticks, only recently.  But Ms. Pilita insisted I try this orange one from Barry M.  Amazingly, it looks great on me because it turned out as an MLBB (my lips but better) shade.  Can you notice the effects of the contouring I made on my face? I look thinner and my cheekbones are more prominent - not so rounded.  I was definitely hooked on the contouring kit big time.
Finally, here's my loot from their own makeup store:

I got a peach blush/bronzer from Beauty UK for 350PHP and a contouring kit for 800PHP.  I wanted to buy the silicon primer from Sleek, but it was out of stock.  As for the sponges, I just bought them at the department store.  Before I went home, I was eager to buy a liquid foundation because of how I learned about it from the class, so I got this famous one from Revlon for 850PHP.

Overall, I liked what I saw, learned and experienced from Makeup Design Academy.  It actually makes me want to enroll in a serious makeup artistry class, and see where it takes me. 

If you're interested to take a class, or even pursue a career in makeup artistry, they have reasonable rates.  They also have branches in Robinson's Galleria and Mother Ignacia Street in Quezon City.  Check out their Facebook page for more information, or you may checkout this link.


  1. Hi There! Thanks for this review :-) I'm actually considering taking classes at MDA. Anyway, please do drop my blog too :D


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  2. I suggest if you want to learn more techniques,take the workshop in robinsons galleria branch.


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