Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review: Fanny Serrano Shimmer Bronzer in Fantasia

I remember receiving a comment from a reader, asking about bronzers.  Well, I'm not much of a bronzer user and I only find use for them whenever I got a tan.  But lately, I'm playing with contouring techniques, so I got better use for this bronzer sitting in my makeup stash.  I didn't know that there's a local makeup brand selling bronzer, until I asked around in a department store.  It's pretty weird, because it was packaged like a powder foundation, complete with a sponge.  Whoever thought of applying a bronzer that way must have a weird way of doing makeup. (haha!)

Anyway, first, let's see the facts...


Place bought:  Market! Market! department store, Fanny Serrano/Fashion21 stall
Price:  I bought this last year, but I remember it's around 200PHP.
Packaging:  As I said earlier, it's in a powder compact, with a sponge compartment and mirror.
Shade:  I'm not sure if there are other shades, but what I got is Fantasia - a warm shimmery light brown.


I'm really not sure if this particular item is still being sold at department stores.  I'll have to check on that.  But  if it still is, the affordable price and wide availability can't be beat.  The powder is soft and is easily picked up by a brush.  The shade isn't too brown or muddy on me, and it doesn't turn orange - which is good.  Most bronzers I see are too orange for my taste.  I also have no problem with the shimmer - it isn't too overwhelming,  They are just tiny tiny flecks of gold, which blends well with the skin.  

For a bronzer that is applied on areas of the face where the sun hits, I think the shade and shimmer registers well on me.  As for contouring purposes, it could be a bit light for morena girls, but for fair and medium skin tones, I think it could work.  The key to contouring is in the blending, and I am able to achieve that with this soft powder.  Also, there's no scent detected, so it's pretty good.


I wish they can improve the staying power.  I apply this at around 7am and by lunchtime, the color is gone on my cheeks.  So I find myself toting around the huge compact all day, just for re-touching purposes.  And as said before, the packaging is weird.  It's too big and with a sponge, it just doesn't make sense.  Please enlighten me, Fanny Serrano, on why it is packaged this way. 


I guess for the price, it delivers what is expected to perform.  It works as a good bronzer, and sometimes, as eyeshadow.  I wish there were more pigments, and that it lasts longer.  But for 200PHP, it's a good enough product.

Here's a face shot, while wearing it on my cheeks.  I'm just not too sure if you can see it contouring my cheeks.

Hope you like. :)

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  1. Thanks for the review! its looks really nice on you! ^_~


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