Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Payday Treats: VMV lipsticks and new Revlon Lipstains

The long weekend was also the weekend after payday.  Surely, most people are shopping and taking advantage of the ongoing sales.  Not to be left out, but also more as my retail therapy, I bought some new lippies!

VMV Hypoallergenics is currently having their 50% off sale on all lipsticks and lip glosses.  I haven't tried their lipsticks yet, so I grabbed some to try for less than the usual price of PHP1,050.00.  I got them for only PHP525 each!  I have yet to review these, though.  I gave Castigada, a dark brownish red,  to my sister as a birthday gift.  Tutu and Chorus Line are for me to enjoy.  Both of them on the pink side.  I was supposed to get a red orange one called Babe, but it was outta stock.

With my purchase, I also asked if they have samples to giveaway.  They gave me these facial & body wash tubes.  

Finally, I was aching to try these new lipstains from Revlon.  I've only read about them, and trying them out on the counter made me want to buy right away.  I got the shades Rendezvous and Cherish.  I'll be sure to make a review of them soon.  But right now I can tell you, staying power is fab!

Well, that'd be all for now.  

Girl, what did you splurge on?

Just got Rejuvenated via a "Sexy Glow Facial" from Sexy Curves

In every long weekend, there's always a girl getting pampered somewhere.  Either in a massage room, in a parlor, or in a facial center.  I'm raising my hand for the girl inside the facial center!

Yep, after a long while, I finally succumbed myself into having a facial.  It's been a while actually. If not for my sister being the in-house doctor in this place, I wouldn't even dare step inside it.  But here's what got my interest - 

My sister, who's a certified doctor training in skincare by the way, is the resident doctor and manages the place.  She administers the slimming machines like the Cryo Curve, Cavi Curve, etc.  If you've heard of the Radio Frequency technology that is being used to burn fats, it's somewhat similar except more advanced.  They have ongoing promos,too.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lips of the Day: Laneige Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Floral Pink

I don’t really know how it happened that I forgot all about this lipstick in my stash.  I was rummaging in my little drawers of lipsticks when I saw this sleek white tube and realized that I haven’t really tried it yet. 
And then, just like a lightning flash, I was transported back to the time when I got this – during the Laneige Makeup Workshop event for beauty bloggers. Gosh, feels like a long time ago!  It was part of the giveaway and I remember being excited about having it.  You see,during the event, I kinda played with their variations of lipsticks and glosses, and was actually on the verge of purchasing one mainly upon being lured of the 10% discount deal.  But a sneak peek in the giveaway they gave told me that having a freebie lipstick would be enough just to have me try the brand’s lippies.

So anyway, a melting glossy lipstick.  Who would’ve thought about coming up with that name, and that idea? 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Philippines’ Next Shopping Obsession: "Usharethis.net"

What do you get when social networking meets shopping?

A new obsession!

People are now embracing the idea that book marking and social sharing slowly are replacing the "search engine" with regards to product discovery. That experience is now closer to you through Usharethis.net, a social store. 

It's basically an online shopping community where regular people share their uncommon finds. A movement of regular people who help each other find things they like and most of these things are actually affordable. It’s a portal that connects you to trending and unique products at your fingertips. Chances are, there are a few other people on Usharethis.net who think like you do - like some fellow beauty junkies! This mass marketplace has become specialized just for the target market -  “you” and “me”. Social sharing, the desire to discover, as well as the sense of community, all in one website.
It’s shopping made easy! It’s shopping with an interesting twist!
Usharethis.net can make everything easy by putting the internet’s stores at your fingertips. It gives you the opportunity to save items you crave in a wish list. If you’re more of a window shopper, you can put items on your wish list for a rainy day. Users post, collect, organize products and follow people and stores they like. Users can visually keep track of their own shopping wish list, until such time when they finally get the urge to buy.

Usharethis.net is a means to share your style with your friends and this means no more ugly sweaters as Christmas gifts. Because they will actually get to know what you would like!   Usharethis.net is primarily user-generated, so you can trust that it’s not just one person or company throwing what they think looks good on you, and it links you directly to the site where you can purchase the products.

It’s like treasure hunting. Everything you want in one place - be it clothes, gadgets, accessories, and maybe a few makeup products.

What to expect on Usharethis.net

- Great interface. Navigation is simple and straightforward.
- Integrates well with your online presence – connect to Facebook, Twitter, your blogs and websites.
- Built in trending and sharing
- The inspiration factor – a marketplace with collections of products which can provide some great ideas for themes.

It's launching soon! In the meantime checkout below to get updates.
Check out the teaser page: http://www.usharethis.net

The community is buzzing! Since the Facebook fan page launch last July 9, 2012, it already has more than 1,000 likes, more than 500 Twitter followers and it's still growing by the day.

Don’t be left behind! Join the fun!

Usharethis.net Your next shopping obsession! Share unique finds whenever, wherever!

*this is a promotional ad post*

Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Human Heart Nature Balancing Toner

Changing skin. Or to be more apt, changing skin conditions. 
I guess we all go through that phase as we go through the years.  One moment, you’re super oily.  And the next thing you know, you begin to have dry patches on your face.  I guess we can also blame our hormones for that, because they do change as years go by as well.
Take myself for instance.  Back in highschool, I had perfect skin and only got the occasional zits during that time of the month.  Come college, which meant more time outdoors due to the freedom it entails, my skin became more greasy.  It’s combination, but with more oil being produced on my t-zone as usual.  Law school skin was an entirely different story.  I got pimples more frequently, more dry patches, but still have that super oily t-zone.  Probably due to more stress, lack of sleep, late study nights, smoking, alcohol and partying, I had to switch my powder to something more heavy-duty just to be able to keep the shine and zits at bay.
When it came to skincare however, I went through a lot of brands.  As years went on, I discovered my staples and what truly works for me, despite the many skincare fads that came and went.  
Now I have working girl skin, plus I’m in my early thirties.  It became drier, more stable and I only have pimples during that time of the month.  Add to that the fact that I stay in an airconditioned environment most of the time.  Because I now notice the drying effects of such environment, I began my search for a new set of skincare products.
Enter this toner from Human Heart Nature, hailing from the natural beauty fad.  I was aiming for a toner with no alcohol content, and when I saw this, I knew I had to try.

Well, what do you know? It worked! 
Click away to find out...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review and Swatches of my NYX Runway Palettes

An amazing sunny Sunday to y’all!

For today, I have decided to finally give you swatches of my NYX Runway eyeshadow palettes:  Bohemian Rhapsody, Versus and Secret World.  This is waaay overdue, and I really didn’t have plans of uploading these photos.  But for the past week that I just stayed at home because of the bad weather, I got too bored so I began to edit these photos.

This post will be full of photos, so bear with me.  I would also try to describe each palette in the briefest way possible.  I hope the photos will do justice to how pretty these palettes are.

Let’s begin:


Bohemian Rhapsody is the most neutral of all my three palettes from NYX.  It's an equal combination of shimmery, glittery and matte shadows.  However, as you can see in the swatches, the matte shadows appears chalky.  Those in the top layer, which are the shimmers, are softer and more pigmented.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pretty Dots

“Oh hello there, stranger!” (That was me talking to the sun this morning.)

Finally, the sun has come out and we can all feel a lot better.  I hope that everyone is safe and dry.  And to those who are not, and are still braving our flood-infested roads, my prayers are with you. 

The past two days was like something out of a disaster movie, and not even one superhero can save us all.  I honestly thought that the sun won’t be coming out soon.

Anyways, just out of sheer boredom and because I wanted to add some sunshine, I painted my nails bright.  And not just bright, but with dainty pretty dots!

under flash lighting to show the dots better

I know my nails are sporting summer colors and it's a big contrast to the season that we're having now.  But hey, it's a nice way to lift up my mood lately.  I like seeing bright nails on my fingers.

By the way, doing the dotting trick can be addicting! I might be doing more of these soon!

Well, that's it for today.

Be safe and dry, everyone!

And if you can, it's the best time to donate clothes, food and drinking water to our less fortunate fellows who are victims of the floods.
Let's help however way we can.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Makeup Brushes


A quick and short post about my current makeup brushes. 

I don't own much, and I have several from different brands.  My philosophy when it comes to makeup tools is to always look for quality tools, with a price that won't break the bank.  I also don't believe in buying a full set, because I think I won't be able to use them all.  What I do is just buy what I need and what I would really use.

So here they are...

I have a total of 19 makeup brushes at home.  I got brushes from Marionnaud, Suesh, MAC, Ecotool, Etude House, ELF, and Charm.  In this photo, you will notice that they're wet. I just actually washed them all this weekend.  I have some other makeup brushes that I use for travel, which I already featured before.

My favorite brushes would be:

1.  the Ecotools face brush, the big one with the wooden handle - I use this for highlighters and bronzers.

2.  the Marionnaud eyebrow brush with spoolie - I can never leave the house without fixing my eyebrows, so I use this daily.  I actually have small angled brushes that are not in these photos, which I use as backup.

3.  the blush brush and eyeshadow brushes from MAC- I forgot the numbers, but my MAC brushes are just limited editions which came out during the Holiday collection of MAC circa 2008.  I like them because despite being soft, they're stiff and they deposit product really well.  The eyeshadow brushes are also great for blending colors.

4.  the blending brush from Suesh - I got this separately from Suesh's stall in Trinoma.  I love how versatile this brush is. I can use it to blend eyeshadows, to contour my nose, or to apply eyeshadows evenly on my eyelids.

5.  Finally, I love all my eyeliner brushes, most especially the ones from Suesh and Etude House (the one with the pink handle). - In putting eyeliners, I prefer gel or cream.  And I learned that I have full control in my application when using fined tipped or pointed brushes, rather than the flat eyeliner brush or the angled ones.

I also like my ELF brushes, most especially the skunk brush. I use this one for applying blushes.  Overall, I actually use them all, even right down to the lip brushes.  But I think I need another foundation brush, because this one from Suesh leaves streaks. 

Well, that's about it for now.

Till my next post!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On Duty

Well, hello from yesterday!

The storm is still ongoing and I really wish I was in bed right now.  However, just to keep things spicy and perky for today, instead of doing another contract, I'm doing another post.  And yes, I do still wanna makeup for last week's lag time. 

And besides, it's the start of a new month - It's August, baby! So a better way to begin is to post a makeup look.

The title says a lot for today's makeup look, actually. This was the look I came up with during my lawyer duties at Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  We had an awarding ceremony of some sort and signing of contracts, so I had to be dolled-up to look presentable.  I also had to dress up a bit, instead of just sporting my usual sneakers whenever we go out-of-town.  Since packing light was the way to go, I only had a few makeup items with me and a crunched up denim dress that looked presentable enough even if it wasn't pressed.

Anyway, here we go!

Laneige Snow BB Cream
In2it oil-free powder foundation
MAC Blot Powder
MAC Blush in Dame

MAC Lipstick in Chatterbox

Ever Bilena eyepencil in brown for eyebrows
The Face Shop Waterproof Gel Liner Pencil
NYX Runway Shadows in Versus
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus in Blue-Black

Outfit:  Denim Dress from Kamiseta, black flats from Janylin

Yes, poor lighting.  I  just took these shots in my hotel room, right beside the window.  My lipstick was actually in bright pink under artificial lighting. It was the only pop of color I had in my face.  And oh, can you notice my dry patches and the pimple on my chin? I blame all that to stress, airplane temperature, and lack of sleep.

Till my next post!