Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just got Rejuvenated via a "Sexy Glow Facial" from Sexy Curves

In every long weekend, there's always a girl getting pampered somewhere.  Either in a massage room, in a parlor, or in a facial center.  I'm raising my hand for the girl inside the facial center!

Yep, after a long while, I finally succumbed myself into having a facial.  It's been a while actually. If not for my sister being the in-house doctor in this place, I wouldn't even dare step inside it.  But here's what got my interest - 

My sister, who's a certified doctor training in skincare by the way, is the resident doctor and manages the place.  She administers the slimming machines like the Cryo Curve, Cavi Curve, etc.  If you've heard of the Radio Frequency technology that is being used to burn fats, it's somewhat similar except more advanced.  They have ongoing promos,too.  

But I was particularly interested in having a diamond peel, so I availed of the facial with diamond peel promo.  The promo, which runs until September 10th only, is for PHP399 per session. Good deal, right?  You also get a facial and head massage, which is always a good way to end a facial.

Here are some shots of the interiors -

And here's my face after the treatment, sans makeup.  Grace, the sweet girl who attended to me via my sister's supervision, even offered to fix my eyebrows.  Nice touch! :)

Well, what do you know? I actually got rejuvenated! Hence, the title of this post and the name of the treatment.  

You can checkout all the details about this place in the photos above.  Or you may also visit their Facebook page here

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