Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lips of the Day: Laneige Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Floral Pink

I don’t really know how it happened that I forgot all about this lipstick in my stash.  I was rummaging in my little drawers of lipsticks when I saw this sleek white tube and realized that I haven’t really tried it yet. 
And then, just like a lightning flash, I was transported back to the time when I got this – during the Laneige Makeup Workshop event for beauty bloggers. Gosh, feels like a long time ago!  It was part of the giveaway and I remember being excited about having it.  You see,during the event, I kinda played with their variations of lipsticks and glosses, and was actually on the verge of purchasing one mainly upon being lured of the 10% discount deal.  But a sneak peek in the giveaway they gave told me that having a freebie lipstick would be enough just to have me try the brand’s lippies.

So anyway, a melting glossy lipstick.  Who would’ve thought about coming up with that name, and that idea? 

Upon trying out, I soon learned that it’s one of those lipstick-lipbalm hybrid sheer lipsticks.  Texture-wise, it’s more of a lipbalm because it’s soft and it delivers enough moisture on the lips.  With tiny gold glitters in this particular shade, it doesn’t apply glittery but instead brings out glossy, kinda wet lips – without the sticky feel of a gloss.  So much for its name, huh? Thumbs up for not being sticky, and for having moisturizing effects.

However, as I’ve mentioned time and time again here, I always prefer my lipsticks to be more on the opaque side.  The shade name being Floral Pink, and coming off in the tube as a pretty warm coral lipstick with yellow pink undertones, I was surprised that it applies so sheer on the lips.  The color on the tube would have been pretty on the lips, but coming out as sheer in application, it kinda disappointed me there for a bit.  Here's a swatch:

number of swipes-  left: 1x;  right: 3x

Still, despite that fact of not bringing out enough color, I still dig the moisturizing effect and I can see myself using this like those Revlon Lip Butters that I own on days when my lips are extra dry.  However, unlike my pigmented lip butters, this is the kind of lipstick that you can swipe several times without going over the board.  No scary tint at all, just a subtle pink with glossy effect.  For being subtle and sheer, it’s a safe lipstick to wear with a bright or strong eye makeup. Or if you’re going for sweet and juicy lips, without the sticky feel.

As for the melting bit, it does melt! I left it once inside my pocket during a meeting for quick touchups during bathroom breaks.  My pocket being warmer than the office environment, it actually caused the topmost part of the lipstick to be soft, moist and watery.  Horror of horrors, I actually thought the whole tube went liquid! I actually saved it from being melted all the way.  So lesson learned there for this lipstick from Laneige, otherwise I would have ended up with a visible pink and wet pocket that day.
Overall, for the price range of about PHP 900.00, this lipstick from Laneige is good enough, if you’re aiming for a sheer and moisturizing lipstick.  But with this kind of lipstick being on trend, I’m sure you can find a similar one from more affordable brands.  If this weren’t for free, I wouldn’t have bought it myself because Laneige have a better range of opaque lipsticks.
Here's how it looked on me -

Have you tried any of the lipsticks from Laneige?  What are your thoughts on them? Do share!


  1. This is a really pretty, natural color on you! I love Laneige's skincare products, but I've never tried their makeup before :)

  2. I havent's tried any Laneige lippies but the shade is quite nice tho...Thanks for sharing ^_~


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