Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Makeup Brushes


A quick and short post about my current makeup brushes. 

I don't own much, and I have several from different brands.  My philosophy when it comes to makeup tools is to always look for quality tools, with a price that won't break the bank.  I also don't believe in buying a full set, because I think I won't be able to use them all.  What I do is just buy what I need and what I would really use.

So here they are...

I have a total of 19 makeup brushes at home.  I got brushes from Marionnaud, Suesh, MAC, Ecotool, Etude House, ELF, and Charm.  In this photo, you will notice that they're wet. I just actually washed them all this weekend.  I have some other makeup brushes that I use for travel, which I already featured before.

My favorite brushes would be:

1.  the Ecotools face brush, the big one with the wooden handle - I use this for highlighters and bronzers.

2.  the Marionnaud eyebrow brush with spoolie - I can never leave the house without fixing my eyebrows, so I use this daily.  I actually have small angled brushes that are not in these photos, which I use as backup.

3.  the blush brush and eyeshadow brushes from MAC- I forgot the numbers, but my MAC brushes are just limited editions which came out during the Holiday collection of MAC circa 2008.  I like them because despite being soft, they're stiff and they deposit product really well.  The eyeshadow brushes are also great for blending colors.

4.  the blending brush from Suesh - I got this separately from Suesh's stall in Trinoma.  I love how versatile this brush is. I can use it to blend eyeshadows, to contour my nose, or to apply eyeshadows evenly on my eyelids.

5.  Finally, I love all my eyeliner brushes, most especially the ones from Suesh and Etude House (the one with the pink handle). - In putting eyeliners, I prefer gel or cream.  And I learned that I have full control in my application when using fined tipped or pointed brushes, rather than the flat eyeliner brush or the angled ones.

I also like my ELF brushes, most especially the skunk brush. I use this one for applying blushes.  Overall, I actually use them all, even right down to the lip brushes.  But I think I need another foundation brush, because this one from Suesh leaves streaks. 

Well, that's about it for now.

Till my next post!

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