Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Payday Treats: VMV lipsticks and new Revlon Lipstains

The long weekend was also the weekend after payday.  Surely, most people are shopping and taking advantage of the ongoing sales.  Not to be left out, but also more as my retail therapy, I bought some new lippies!

VMV Hypoallergenics is currently having their 50% off sale on all lipsticks and lip glosses.  I haven't tried their lipsticks yet, so I grabbed some to try for less than the usual price of PHP1,050.00.  I got them for only PHP525 each!  I have yet to review these, though.  I gave Castigada, a dark brownish red,  to my sister as a birthday gift.  Tutu and Chorus Line are for me to enjoy.  Both of them on the pink side.  I was supposed to get a red orange one called Babe, but it was outta stock.

With my purchase, I also asked if they have samples to giveaway.  They gave me these facial & body wash tubes.  

Finally, I was aching to try these new lipstains from Revlon.  I've only read about them, and trying them out on the counter made me want to buy right away.  I got the shades Rendezvous and Cherish.  I'll be sure to make a review of them soon.  But right now I can tell you, staying power is fab!

Well, that'd be all for now.  

Girl, what did you splurge on?

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