Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pretty Dots

“Oh hello there, stranger!” (That was me talking to the sun this morning.)

Finally, the sun has come out and we can all feel a lot better.  I hope that everyone is safe and dry.  And to those who are not, and are still braving our flood-infested roads, my prayers are with you. 

The past two days was like something out of a disaster movie, and not even one superhero can save us all.  I honestly thought that the sun won’t be coming out soon.

Anyways, just out of sheer boredom and because I wanted to add some sunshine, I painted my nails bright.  And not just bright, but with dainty pretty dots!

under flash lighting to show the dots better

I know my nails are sporting summer colors and it's a big contrast to the season that we're having now.  But hey, it's a nice way to lift up my mood lately.  I like seeing bright nails on my fingers.

By the way, doing the dotting trick can be addicting! I might be doing more of these soon!

Well, that's it for today.

Be safe and dry, everyone!

And if you can, it's the best time to donate clothes, food and drinking water to our less fortunate fellows who are victims of the floods.
Let's help however way we can.

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