Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hitting the Pan: ELF Tickled Pink and MAC Blot Powder

What's up, ladies?

Well, I really don't have much to say today, except that I wanted to show that I finally hit the pan on two of my makeup products.  

I knew I will finish my MAC Blot Powder by the end of the year.  It's what I mainly use for touch-ups and what I bring for my work travels.  It's like a default touch up powder already for me.  However, I'm not really sure if I should get a new one, or just settle with a more affordable brand.  Damn, spending a thousand pesos for just a touch up powder is too much!  Too much vanity, if you ask me.

As for the ELF blush, it's what I use to pair with my red lipsticks.  It just goes so well, without making me look like a clown.   I only made a small dent on it, but I will probably make good use of its two-year life span.  

I made a pact with myself, when it comes to my makeup purchases.  I will try to hit the pan on one, or finish off a tube of lipstick first, before buying a new one.  I just realized, I'm spending way too much on makeup already! 

So this week, since I hit the pan on these two, I can buy new blushes again!  Yay!

Happy Thursday!

Review: Shawill Curling Mascara

Let’s give our lashes some lovin’ today.

How about swiping a mascara after your usual makeup routine in the morning? It certainly makes a lot of difference in opening up those sleepy eyes. 

Curling your lashes won’t even be a chore anymore, because I found something that will do that while defining your lashes at the same time. 

Have you tried this yet? Gals who are always in the rush in the morning would find this such a gem.  And it’s affordable, too!

But first, let’s go to the usuals…


Place Bought:  Watson’s, Market! Market!

Price: 199PHP for the huge tube, 99PHP for the small tube

Packaging: It’s in a huge black metal tube.  It’s quite heavy for a mascara, but I really find it handy and different at the same time.  The applicator is the usual mascara brush, but with smaller bristles.

Shade:  I don’t know if there are other shades, but this one’s in black.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lemming for Some Fringe Benefits

Hi, there!

You guys know that I have long hair.  And that some time June, I had my hair undergo some digital perming.  Well, I'm quite happy with my hair right now, it's already past my bra line but I'm still growing it out.  Some of the curls have kinda straightened out a bit, but my hair is still fairly curly and wavy.  Sorta like having "beach waves", which I think also looks sexy. :P

However, I'm getting kinda bored with styling it.  Lately, all I do is wear a clip, or some headband.  I always wear it down, because it helps to make my round face smaller that way.  But, I want something more. As I was browsing through my photos during the weekend, an idea hit me! 

How about sporting some fringe? Or bangs, as some people would call it?  I had bangs before, but not with longer hair.  And I haven't tried it with my permed hair yet. Hmm... 

Let's see...

 Bangs with a center part, like that of Jessica Alba?

 Or how about, a side part with the fringe going sideways, like Jennifer Lopez? I think it looks sexy.

Or, like how much I like Zooey, maybe I should do a blunt straight cut across my forehead, too?


 Hmm, layered fringe over my permed hair?  It definitely looks way better with straight hair like this one from a Korean model.

 Hilary Duff looks so mature and sexy in this photo, will her hair look nice on me?

 But then, maybe I should just keep combing and clipping my bangs away from my face, like Diane Kruger's?  It also looks "ethereal" that way.

Well, I don't know what to try! But one thing's for sure, I will cut my own fringe myself.  I don't really go to a salon and pay for styling my bangs.  I feel better doing it myself.  Will let you know how it goes.

Onto another topic...

At long last, I am able to do some blogging. Been a bit busy for the past week, actually.  I'm also undergoing some major changes in my career/work life, but I'm not ready to divulge just yet.  For now, I'm enjoying my free time while I still have it.  So for sure, I will be able to blog more often.

Stay safe, everyone!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Instagram-ming and Lifestyle Blogging


Can you feel that? It's Friday, and my nerves are on hyper-mode right now.  Well, aside from work stress, I'm also feeling a little excited for the weekend.  I have so much to do - which includes watching The Phantom of the Opera.  Oh yes, I know, it's the must-see play of all time!  I wasn't really psyched to watch because of the expensive tickets, but at the last minute, some friends from law school agreed to see it.  So I'm hooked - in a good way, I guess.

Anyways, this post isn't really beauty-related.  But I'm actually thinking of converting my beauty blog into a lifestyle blog instead, and incorporate my own personal blog.  As you know, being in the corporate world, I don't really have much time to blog, let alone to maintain two blog sites.  My Wordpress blog is currently having problems, I can't seem to upload photos anymore.  So I'm really thinking of merging my two blogs here.

But while I'm onto that and still deciding, I wanted to test the waters first by uploading some non-beauty related photos of my recent travels.  As I've been constantly telling you, I'm a corporate lawyer who work with lots of travels out of town.  So this year, I've been to a lot of places, most of them in Palawan.  In fact, I've gotten so familiar with Puerto Princesa City that I can have a double job as a tour guide. Haha!

So while I show you some photos, be it known that I've also posted this on my Instagram.  If you follow me on Twitter, you can also follow me there. 


Some souvenirs from my visit to Tablas Island, Romblon

It's also the place where I saw the recent Blue Moon

Have you tried a Casuy Coffee?  This one tastes so good. Try it when you visit Puerto Princesa.

This was shot in one of the restaurants in Puerto Princesa.

The huge waves of the surfing side of Zambales.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soft Red Wine Lips

Products used:  Shu Uemura UV underbase mousse in beige; In2it powder foundation, Tarte blush in Flush;Majolica Majorca liquid eyeliner in Gray; Revlon Luscious mascara; Shu Uemura hard pencil for eyebrows in no.6;                         NYX lip liner in Plum; Buxom lip gloss in Dolly

The best time of the year to wear "burgundy", or "red wine" lips would be, like, now! 

It's official, the "chilly" months are here!  Time to rummage into your closets and wear those pretty cardigans, girls! 

Have you noticed yet?  Every morning of this week has been "extra" chilly.  I don't know about you, but it makes it harder for me to get out of bed.  My warm covers and soft pillows always seem to pull me back to bed.  Ahh, five more minutes please!

If we were to have four seasons in the Philippines, my favorites in terms of makeup trends would be Fall and Winter.  Right now, we see makeup brands with their own Fall collections being displayed at makeup counters.  As you will note, most of the colors range from rich shades of browns, deep oranges and reds.

As for me, some of my favorite trends for the Fall season is having to wear deep reds on my lips. I'm so over with the corals, bright oranges, and bright Barbie pink lips.  I'm all for wearing sexy lips, baby!

So this morning, I looked around my makeup drawers to find the perfect shade of lipstick for today.  I can't seem to find the right shade I want, so I opted to mix and match.  

Look what I found!

I grabbed one of my NYX lip liners in the shade of Plum - which is a deep dark red with blue undertones, making it plum in shade.  To soften the dark effect of the lip liner, I found my Buxom lip gloss from Bare Escentuals in a shade called Dolly - a warm champagne pink color with flecks of tiny gold glitter. 

left: NYX Plum;    center: Buxom Dolly;      right: NYX Plum with Buxom Dolly

A lovely mix! Here's a lip swatch:

It's not too red, not too dark, not too pale, but the overall effect is just so pretty!  I don't normally wear a lip gloss, but the rare exception that I do is because it's not too sticky.  This one from Buxom is just like that.  I made a review of these lip glosses here, for your reference.

Well, that's my take on achieving soft red wine lips. Do you like?

Do you mix and match to achieve the shade you want, too?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: In2it's Oil Control & Oil Free 2-way Powder Foundation

What's up, ladies and gents!?

I used to be loyal to one brand that starts with a letter "M" when it comes to powder foundations.  [Clue:  It's also a drugstore brand.] We've been together through thick and thin, and I was always there to support every new challenge and change it encountered. 

However, one fine morning, as I was doing my face routine, something happened that changed our relationship forever.  I opened my pink powder case (their new and latest version of the two-way powder foundation) and felt my heart constrict at the sight of what I saw -  

My beloved powder, all crumbled into fine, tiny, micro- pieces that spread all throughout the entire case!

I was devastated, so I began racking through my brain as to why and how it happened.  It was barely two weeks old, and I've never even taken it out my makeup drawer.  How could it be? I began searching online to know if I am the lone case of the crumbled powder foundation, and I found out (with a big sigh of both relief and regret) that it also happened to some girls.

Hence, things just didn't work out well in the end, despite my trying to save it.  I even tried to work it out, only to be frustrated in the end.  I had to look for a new one.

So, now I bring to you a great find from the world of affordable powder foundations, which you can find along a local drugstore aisle. 


Place Bought: In2it counter, Watson's, Market! Market!

Price:  400.00++ PHP

Packaging:  Because I was trying the product out for the first time, I only bought the refill, which in encased in a small pink plastic case that came with a sponge.

Shade:  I chose the shade with a slight yellow tone -Harvest.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review: Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Something new from Revlon! 

After the phenomenal fame of their lip butters, here comes something that Revlon fans are raving about.  I, myself, can’t still get over their lip butters because I still have some shades I would like to try out.  But while browsing online, I found that they’ve released new lip stains!

From my own personal visit in one Revlon counter, I was pretty intrigued about these new lippies.  Think of Tarte’s Lip Surgence Lip Stains or Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, they all have the same cute packaging.  I haven’t personally tried those from Tarte or Clinique but I knew I wanted to try these more affordable ones from Revlon, because they’re almost the same. 

Are you excited for my review? Let’s begin!


Place bought:  Robinson’s Galleria, Department Store

Price:  575PHP each

Packaging:  it’s like a chubby lipliner or crayon, except that they are retractable or twist up. Very neat, actually.

Shades:  I got two shades – Rendezvous, which is a coral, red-orange shade; and Cherish Devotion, a light cool pink shade.

Review: L.A. Colors Auto Eyeliner in White

What are the perks of using a white eyeliner?

And how exactly is it different from the other colors in the spectrum?

Well, I can enumerate about 3 reasons on why you should try wearing one:

First, it makes the white on your eyeballs look bigger if worn on the lower lashlines.  You know how anime girls look like, with their big eyes and all? Well, this is one trick on how to achieve that.

Second, if worn on the upper lashlines, like how you would wear a typical black or brown eyeliner, it creates a refreshing look.  It makes your eyes look bright and energetic, like you’ve slept the whole 8 hours the night before.  It’s definitely a trick to fake bright eyes. 

And finally, I use a white eyeliner to help me achieve the shape that I want when doing eye makeup.  I use it to trace whatever shape I want on my eyes, like defining my outer-V, before putting on the eyeshadow.  Well, it works for me that way so it’s an important makeup tool for me.

For those three uses, I found a cheap one from L.A. Colors, let’s see the scoop!


Place bought:    SM Department store, Cubao branch

Price:  99PHP, as far as I can remember

Packaging: It’s a retractable eyeliner, using a plastic stick/tube.

Shade: White

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Payday Treat: A Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Finally! I got something to check off my wishlist!

Actually, I've always been meaning to buy one of these famous eyelash curlers, but it seems that whenever I visit Rustan's or the Shu Uemura stores, I always have that tendency to forget.  Probably due to the very distracting display of all other beauty products, not only from Shu, but also from other great brands.  Hmm..

But hey, a quick visit to the mall after work on a pay day was the answer - I finally scored one of my own Shu Uemura eyelash curler!  I can't believe the price shoot up already from last year.  I remember it to be around 900PHP, but was surprised to find out that it now costs a whoping 1095PHP! What a very expensive price for a very basic makeup tool, right?  I just got the original version, because the gold limited edition with a price tag of 2000PHP++ almost made me faint. Honestly, they're the same thing, so why bother?

Despite the heart-stopping price tag, this one holds promises - in fact, lots of it!  It brings instant curl that holds througout the day, even without a mascara.  I feel bare without swiping a mascara everyday, so a good (actually, AMAZING!) eyelash curler helps me achieve better looking lashes.

Well, no need to make a review for this, I'm sure there are already plenty out there.  All I can say is that, I'm all praises, except for the price.

So, what's your recent makeup splurge?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Basic Contouring Kit

In the world of makeup, there’s what you call basic. And then, there’s the advanced.  The term “contouring” belongs to the latter category.

Think of it as going a level up in the makeup skills hierarchy (if there is such).  As a skill, it’s what makeup artists rely on to achieve a look that they want without making the model go under the knife.  Much like painting, it involves shading, highlighting and creating shapes to make illusions.

Personally, I never thought I would be interested in contouring.  I didn’t even know how to do it, in the first place.  But when I tried it and learned about it during my class at Makeup Design Academy, the effects on my face was that it made it slimmer, working to somewhat hide the roundness of my face. 

Girl, I was smitten!

So it was also during that time that I got hold of this basic contouring kit.  I played around with it and learned that I can use it in many ways.

But first, some details:


Place Bought:  Makeup Design Academy, Robinson’s Manila branch
Price:  Php 800.00
Packaging:  Housed in a typical black palette, except that the powders are much bigger, like the size of a regular face powder.
Shade:  I don’t know if there are other shades available, but I have a white powder for highlighting, and a dark brown with red undertones for countouring.

this is the actual color of the palette.  I had a hard time capturing the real hues because the sun was shining so bright that day.