Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Payday Treat: A Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Finally! I got something to check off my wishlist!

Actually, I've always been meaning to buy one of these famous eyelash curlers, but it seems that whenever I visit Rustan's or the Shu Uemura stores, I always have that tendency to forget.  Probably due to the very distracting display of all other beauty products, not only from Shu, but also from other great brands.  Hmm..

But hey, a quick visit to the mall after work on a pay day was the answer - I finally scored one of my own Shu Uemura eyelash curler!  I can't believe the price shoot up already from last year.  I remember it to be around 900PHP, but was surprised to find out that it now costs a whoping 1095PHP! What a very expensive price for a very basic makeup tool, right?  I just got the original version, because the gold limited edition with a price tag of 2000PHP++ almost made me faint. Honestly, they're the same thing, so why bother?

Despite the heart-stopping price tag, this one holds promises - in fact, lots of it!  It brings instant curl that holds througout the day, even without a mascara.  I feel bare without swiping a mascara everyday, so a good (actually, AMAZING!) eyelash curler helps me achieve better looking lashes.

Well, no need to make a review for this, I'm sure there are already plenty out there.  All I can say is that, I'm all praises, except for the price.

So, what's your recent makeup splurge?


  1. Wow! the price tag was sure hefty! I've always wanted to get a shu or Shiseido curler as I think both of them received the most raves with regards to eyelash curler. But I was still hesitant due to the pricetag =(

    1. Girl, I think you better buy one now, before the price shoots up again! It's an investment in itself. :)

  2. this is is better than Shiseido one imo.
    i own both & i prefer shu pa din..hands down!

    1. Hi Thia! I haven't tried the Shisheido one. But I'm satisfied with this already, since there are more raves about this one, right? :P

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