Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Basic Contouring Kit

In the world of makeup, there’s what you call basic. And then, there’s the advanced.  The term “contouring” belongs to the latter category.

Think of it as going a level up in the makeup skills hierarchy (if there is such).  As a skill, it’s what makeup artists rely on to achieve a look that they want without making the model go under the knife.  Much like painting, it involves shading, highlighting and creating shapes to make illusions.

Personally, I never thought I would be interested in contouring.  I didn’t even know how to do it, in the first place.  But when I tried it and learned about it during my class at Makeup Design Academy, the effects on my face was that it made it slimmer, working to somewhat hide the roundness of my face. 

Girl, I was smitten!

So it was also during that time that I got hold of this basic contouring kit.  I played around with it and learned that I can use it in many ways.

But first, some details:


Place Bought:  Makeup Design Academy, Robinson’s Manila branch
Price:  Php 800.00
Packaging:  Housed in a typical black palette, except that the powders are much bigger, like the size of a regular face powder.
Shade:  I don’t know if there are other shades available, but I have a white powder for highlighting, and a dark brown with red undertones for countouring.

this is the actual color of the palette.  I had a hard time capturing the real hues because the sun was shining so bright that day.


Based on the photos, you can see how messy they can get.  That’s how soft the powders are.  One swipe of a brush is little more than enough.  For the brown powder, I had to be extra careful not to dip my brush too much, else I would end up with a harsh brown line on my face. Gah!

But I like that they’re big, because for the price, I can see myself having this for a long time.  I especially enjoy contouring my nose and the brown powder makes it so easy!


As much as I love the powders and how smooth and soft they apply, I hate the packaging.  I’m a little scared that if my clumsiness strikes again and I drop this palette, I would end up in tears.  (knock on wood!)  So I just really leave this one at home, definitely not travel friendly for a busy bee like me.  Also, I hate that it gets so messy.


For girls like me who’s new to contouring, this one would definitely make the cut.  You can build up the shade, or lighten it, depending on your skin tone.  What I dig is that I find that I can also use these as eyeshadows. No need to buy expensive separate powders, that is until you're already an expert.  But makeup artists use this one, too, so I guess it should be enough.

swatching using my finger doesn't really pick up enough color.  it's totally different when using a brush because it appears more pigmented.

Lately, I’m addicted to highlighting my face and doing so everyday.  So I really make good use of the white powder.  You can even see the evidence!   

As for real major contouring, I save that skill for night outs or when I go out for the weekends.  As much as I would love to do that everyday, my work schedule just won’t let me.  But when I do wakeup extra early, I grab this palette and it saves my face from looking too chubby.

Hey girl, are you also into contouring?

In other news....

Girl, I'm sorry for the lack of posts for the past week.  What else can I say, except that I'm a mere mortal earning for a living? But yeah, I've been flying out and about everywhere.  My skin is not cooperating, too, because of too much stress and lack of sleep.  Anyway, I really want to do some more posts soon - so stay tuned for more, ok?

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