Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: In2it's Oil Control & Oil Free 2-way Powder Foundation

What's up, ladies and gents!?

I used to be loyal to one brand that starts with a letter "M" when it comes to powder foundations.  [Clue:  It's also a drugstore brand.] We've been together through thick and thin, and I was always there to support every new challenge and change it encountered. 

However, one fine morning, as I was doing my face routine, something happened that changed our relationship forever.  I opened my pink powder case (their new and latest version of the two-way powder foundation) and felt my heart constrict at the sight of what I saw -  

My beloved powder, all crumbled into fine, tiny, micro- pieces that spread all throughout the entire case!

I was devastated, so I began racking through my brain as to why and how it happened.  It was barely two weeks old, and I've never even taken it out my makeup drawer.  How could it be? I began searching online to know if I am the lone case of the crumbled powder foundation, and I found out (with a big sigh of both relief and regret) that it also happened to some girls.

Hence, things just didn't work out well in the end, despite my trying to save it.  I even tried to work it out, only to be frustrated in the end.  I had to look for a new one.

So, now I bring to you a great find from the world of affordable powder foundations, which you can find along a local drugstore aisle. 


Place Bought: In2it counter, Watson's, Market! Market!

Price:  400.00++ PHP

Packaging:  Because I was trying the product out for the first time, I only bought the refill, which in encased in a small pink plastic case that came with a sponge.

Shade:  I chose the shade with a slight yellow tone -Harvest.


Firstly, it doesn't crumble easily and stays intact in its case from the first time I bought and used it.  So now, I'm bringing it with me during work trips out of town or in my purse occasionally.  It's sturdy, yet finely-milled and soft.  I also dig the SPF25 that came with it, because as you know I'm all about sun protection when it came to face products.  As for lasting power, the "oil control and oil free" promise is actually true (well, at least for me).   The coverage lasts for up to 6 hours, and then it's time to retouch again.  I only end up with a shiny nose at the end of the 6th hour, which is still great in my opinion.  The coverage is buildable, because it's a two-way foundation.  But I prefer using it dry.  Finally, it doesn't break me out.


Actually, I'm so happy with this powder that I can't really think of anything bad to say about it.  I've found a new reliable and affordable powder foundation. Maybe I just wish that the pan was bigger in size, so there'd be more product.


I can see myself using this over the next years, probably like how loyal I was with my old brand.  I especially love that I can easily purchase it anywhere.  It's great over my BB cream or liquid foundation.  I can even use it alone and the same coverage appears.  I can even use it under my eyes to set my concealer.  It covers so well that my pores are almost non-existent.  It's also worthy to note that this brand have lots of shades to choose from, so finding a suitable shade should be easy enough.

Finally, here's a photo of me wearing it:

And this is a post made in memory of the breakup I had with my old brand.  *sniff*


  1. Let me guess is it maybelline? lolz..
    I love how it sets on your face, looking really fresh and radiant on this! really pretty^_~

    1. thanks, dear! and you're right, it was Maybelline. I still like the brand, except for their powders. :P

  2. I don't know why I even stopped using In2It powders. I used to have one (not the 2-way cake)when I was in high school. It never broke me out and kept me oil-free. Now I'm using their eyebrow kit and lipstick in Pink Alarm <3

    Following you now :) Hope you can follow back!

    1. it's a good drugstore brand. I'm really loving my powder! ;)

  3. hi,

    sadly it happened to me too so I had to stop buying that product. Might try In2it in the near future.

    Please follow me back. Thanks :)

  4. hi, have you tried any other product from their line? like eyeshadows?

  5. hi,

    i've been scouting for a face powder/foundation that has no alcohol content. was so curious about this product but quite hesitant to try it because i have an extremely sensitive skin. i itch and break out easily and just realized recently that it might be due to alcohol ingredient. does this product contain alcohol? i did try to go over the product label (thru the pic you've posted) but i'm not sure if i read it completely. would greatly appreciate you're advice.

    thanks a lot :)

    1. Hi, Yeng.
      You know what, I'm really not sure if this has alcohol content. But here's a tip that can hopefully help you find out. Try out the testers at the mall first, and go around the mall for awhile. If after about 2-3 hours, you experienced itching or anything, then it's a pretty good sign that you're allergic to it. But I really hope it would work out well on you. goodluck with that and let me know how it goes! Thanks for visiting!

  6. thanks so much, chryztyne :) was so excited to post my inquiry (my first time actually) and wasn't able to edit. sorry for the typo errors hehe!

    anyway, i'm starting to get glued to your blogs. i'm certain that i would learn a lot from you. way to go!!!

    would be much happier if you could also share your beauty regimen :)

    1. hi, yeng! wow, thanks so much for that sweet compliment. I do post my beauty regimen sometimes here in my blog. Just search for them in my archives. But I'll post an update on my regimen soon. Have fun always!

  7. I knew it was Maybelline :-p that happened to my powder also when I dropped my bag.
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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