Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review: L.A. Colors Auto Eyeliner in White

What are the perks of using a white eyeliner?

And how exactly is it different from the other colors in the spectrum?

Well, I can enumerate about 3 reasons on why you should try wearing one:

First, it makes the white on your eyeballs look bigger if worn on the lower lashlines.  You know how anime girls look like, with their big eyes and all? Well, this is one trick on how to achieve that.

Second, if worn on the upper lashlines, like how you would wear a typical black or brown eyeliner, it creates a refreshing look.  It makes your eyes look bright and energetic, like you’ve slept the whole 8 hours the night before.  It’s definitely a trick to fake bright eyes. 

And finally, I use a white eyeliner to help me achieve the shape that I want when doing eye makeup.  I use it to trace whatever shape I want on my eyes, like defining my outer-V, before putting on the eyeshadow.  Well, it works for me that way so it’s an important makeup tool for me.

For those three uses, I found a cheap one from L.A. Colors, let’s see the scoop!


Place bought:    SM Department store, Cubao branch

Price:  99PHP, as far as I can remember

Packaging: It’s a retractable eyeliner, using a plastic stick/tube.

Shade: White


I like this particular eyeliner, mostly because of the packaging.  I like that it’s retractable, so there’s no need to sharpen.  A white eyeliner is supposed to be soft and should be able to apply on the skin smoothly without tugging the sensitive skin around the eyes.  So if it’s soft, but there’s a need to sharpen it, just imagine the mess it would make, not to mention the waste of product it would entail.  For this one from L.A. Colors, because it’s so soft, it’s a good thing that there’s no need to sharpen.

Moreover, the price of less than a hundred pesos is tops for me.  It has a good quality in it even for that price.  It’s pigmented enough, that one swipe shows the color easily.  Another good thing is that it lasts for a fairly long time. I’ve worn it at work from 7am, and I still have it on my eyes by 5pm.


I found that not all SM Department Stores, or even those in Market! Market!, or in Robinson’s Malls, carry L.A. Colors.  If they did, there’s not a complete set of products available. 

Also, since the product itself is so soft, be careful not to use it too roughly, else it might break! It happened to me, so now I’m more careful. 

Here's the swatch:


On a personal note, I use my white eyeliner more to achieve brighter looking eyes.  Aside from concealer, I use this to mask the dark colors over my lashlines.  It really makes a huge difference, so I recommend you to try it.  This product from L.A. Colors is a good one to start trying out white eyeliner.  It has the same soft and smooth quality like those from expensive brands.  So if you’ve found it, grab it!

Here’s a quick tip:  It works like a cream eyeshadow.  If you have no time to do a full eye makeup but want to have some definition on your eyes, try using this one on your upper lashlines, instead of your usual black or brown eyeliners.  Smudge it a bit, so it looks more natural.  Put a little bit more on the inner corners of your eyes and smudge.  Then swipe on loads of mascara, and you’re good to go! Instant bright eyes, in 2 minutes tops!  

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