Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review: Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Something new from Revlon! 

After the phenomenal fame of their lip butters, here comes something that Revlon fans are raving about.  I, myself, can’t still get over their lip butters because I still have some shades I would like to try out.  But while browsing online, I found that they’ve released new lip stains!

From my own personal visit in one Revlon counter, I was pretty intrigued about these new lippies.  Think of Tarte’s Lip Surgence Lip Stains or Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, they all have the same cute packaging.  I haven’t personally tried those from Tarte or Clinique but I knew I wanted to try these more affordable ones from Revlon, because they’re almost the same. 

Are you excited for my review? Let’s begin!


Place bought:  Robinson’s Galleria, Department Store

Price:  575PHP each

Packaging:  it’s like a chubby lipliner or crayon, except that they are retractable or twist up. Very neat, actually.

Shades:  I got two shades – Rendezvous, which is a coral, red-orange shade; and Cherish Devotion, a light cool pink shade.


Ok, let me begin with the packaging.  I like the crayons-like idea.  Very lightweight, but packs a lot of product.    Can easily be stored inside a purse pocket for quick touch-ups.

As for the texture, it's very much like a lip balm with a subtle glossy effect.  I like the peppermint smell and the tingly-feeling it leaves upon application.  Feels like I just brushed my teeth.  As for the staying power, well, the balmy effect stays on for until 4 hours.  After that, the stain should remain on the lips, but without the glossy effect anymore.

left: cherish devotion;   right: rendezvous

But as for the stain effect, I'll have to review each of the shades separately.

For Cherish Devotion - it applies more like a subdued pale pink on my pigmented lips.  But it can be layered on to achieve the desired pinkish effect.  For me, it's more like an MLBB (my lips but better) lip stain.   It leaves a glossy and balmy effect though.  But the shade is just too pale to leave a stain on my lips.

For Rendezvous - this is more like my kind of shade for a lip stain.  The red orange hue might appear scary on the tube, but it actually applies sheerly at first.  So to achieve the desired intensity, layering is a key and an option.  This is my favorite from the two tubes I have, because the stain remains on my lips for a little more than 5 hours, of course without anything else touching my lips.  (Update:  I just road-tested my Rendezvous today, and found out that the stain lasted even after my morning coffee.)

both shades layered on 3 times


For a drugstore makeup, this is expensive.  Unless you live in the US where you can buy these with a coupon or with a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sale, the price in the Philippines is quite steep.  Much like how expensive the lip butters are.    But then, if you're after the Chubby Sticks or those from Tarte, it's a cheaper alternative.  

swatched 3x

Another thing I noticed is that, although it's supposed to also be a lip balm, the more pigmented ones like Rendezvous isn't too moisturizing once the glossy and balmy effect is gone.  


Well, I can see this being loved by girls who prefer minimal lip makeup.  It works three ways - a lip balm, a lip stain, and a gloss. Very much like Revlon's Lip Butters, except in a different packaging.  If you're turned off by the price, just grab the fun or unique colors just to be able to try them out.  They actually have a wide range of colors available.

Otherwise, the lip butters or those other lipstick hybrids from other brands would do.

Have you tried these Lip Stains yet?


  1. I haven't tried these babies but I'm definitely going to now. Both shades are really pretty ^_~

    1. yep. they are pretty, indeed. I just wish they were more moisturizing. :)


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