Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Bench's Bratsplash in Kiwi Frost

It’s October, but it’s hot, humid and I feel sweaty all over.  Aren’t we supposed to have cold weather by this time of the year?

What’s up, Mother Nature?

Is it just me? Or does it really feel like it’s summer all over again?

As I was dressing up this morning, I was in need of something to perk up my mood amidst the foul hot weather.  You know, something refreshing, soothing and light – all at the same time.  So I turned to my vanity table, and reached for some cologne to spritz all over my sweaty neck.  And I happened to grab this funky cologne from Bench.

Having a whiff of it a few weeks back when I bought it brought me back to the hallways of my high school building.  After long years of neglect, I was reunited with my favorite Bratsplash.   It has been one of my trademark colognes back then, and it was a routine to spray some scent before meeting with a crush.  Yeah, I know, high school can really do that to you.

It smells sweet, young and fresh.  I remember trying out all the scents available when I was still a giddy teenager - like kiwi, strawberry and the one in the purple color.  My favorites were this Kiwi Frost and the Strawberry.  This one in Kiwi Frost smells fruity sweet and refreshing at the same time.  It has enough sweetness in it that isn’t too overwhelming.  When you spray onto your clothes, the scent lingers on for the rest of the day.  But I honestly don’t mind spraying again and again, because just the act of spritzing it on me is refreshing enough.

Needless to say, I stepped out of the house today and  I no longer feel sweaty or hot – because I actually felt fresh and fruity sweet.  I also felt young and carefree, remembering those sweet ol’ high school days. 

What a surefire way to jumpstart an otherwise humid and hot day in October.  Now I may not really know what Mother Nature is up to with our weather, but I found something to perk me up indeed.  If she wants to be sunny and shiny again, I have something to bring along with me to match her mood. 

It also comes with matching hand sanitizers, which are more popularly known as "Alcogels".  

Have you tried this from Bench?

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