Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review: HHN's All Natural Spray Sanitizers

Icky, sweaty palms.  I always seem to have that.  Never mind that I’m inside an air conditioned room, or in a cool environment, my hands are always, always sweaty and moist.  Sticky even.

You know what I mean?  There are those moments when my hands are like that.  And it is during those times when I badly need my reliable hand sanitizer, either in my purse or in my office drawer.  And whatever brand or kind I’m fancying at the moment, I will always bring that with me.

Right now, I’m crazy ( or at least, my hands are ) for these nifty spray sanitizers from Human Nature.  With several scents or variants available, I like that I get to choose which one I want to tote next. 

These sanitizers come in simple, no-fuss spray bottles, and they are most handy in the 50 ml size.   Being very affordable, the scents available are Citrus Burst, Juicy Burst, Bubbly Gum and Candy Cane.  The sweet scents belong to Bubble Gum and Candy Cane, which are mostly catered to kids.  Meanwhile, Citrus Burst which smells of oranges and mandarins is a favorite – even amongst my officemates who always order from me.   Juicy Burst, in the mean time, smells of sweet and refreshing berries. 

Rest assured that since it’s from Human Nature, they are made of the freshest and most natural ingredients.  No harmful chemicals or irritating alcohol scent.  What I love about these is that once you spray onto your hands, the scent kinda lingers on.  My officemates who are regular smokers can attest to that, because the smell of cigarettes immediately goes away after spraying these sanitizers on.  It’s like any irritating or yucky scent automatically evaporates once the ingredients from these sanitizers mixes with the air.  That’s a little something there, right?

Another great thing about these is that you can also use it on other surfaces, not just on your hands.  You can spray it on a public toilet before doing your thing, or on your car seats, or on your computer keyboards, or on your cellphones, or on… - well, you get the point.  It’s an all-around sanitizer that kills germs, bacteria and other gross substances instantly.  With an added bonus of a refreshing scent.

I guess my hands are hooked on these.  In fact, I’m already on my 3rd bottle.  Oh, and I also keep a big bottle of it in my office drawer for quick cleaning of my desk whenever I feel like it.  

It’s a real winner in my book.  Hope you get to try one, too.

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