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Review: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream No.7

How are you doing today, ladies?

For today, I just stayed home and played with my makeup.  Yeah, such a luxury that I rarely have nowadays.  That’s because for the past two weeks (and I’m now on my third week, by the way), I’ve been on a much needed break from work.  I just resigned from my previous employer and it was such a treat having to do that.  I mean, it was a relief from too much work!  I needed a break – literally and figuratively.

Next week, I’ll have a new job – well, being a corporate lawyer, it’s actually the same work, haha! Except that I’ll be joining a new company and hopefully, it’ll be more fun despite being extra busy. 
So while I have the free time, I’ve been updating and doing makeup reviews non-stop. It’s fun – and liberating, if I may say so.  I’ve been trying out different products in my stash, including some of the items that I didn’t have time to play with or do a thorough review.  One of them is this product from Make Up For Ever (MUFE) – the Aqua Cream No. 7.

I actually purchased this in the middle of summer of this year, before I headed to the beach with some friends.  It was an apt time to test it out, so I brought it along with me at that time.  But before I went to the beach, I also played with it a bit and tried to see how I can make it work. 

But first, let’s go through the specs..


Place Bought:  MUFE boutique store at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

Price:  1450PHP

Packaging:  It’s a cream in a plastic jar, which you have to store upside down to keep it from drying.  I don’t know how that works, but I fear of it drying out, so I just follow what the SAs said.

Shade:  No.7 – which is a bright cool pink with tiny gold glitters.  It’s a bit scary for some, because it’s like a neon pink shade.  But it’s actually wearable.


First off, I like that it’s a two-in-1 product.  I use it both on my cheeks and lips.

Being a cream product, I actually had difficulty trying to make it work on my own.  At the store, the SA who tried it on me merely used a foundation brush to apply it on my cheeks.  I didn’t want to use my own foundation brush because it might stain it for sure, so I used a skunk brush (i.e. stippling brush) instead.  Surely, it left some stains on it even if I already washed it a few times.  I also tried using a sponge and my good ol’ fingers.  But wouldn’t you know, I’ve finally gotten to make it work by using my magical fingers.  Applying on the cheeks is a bit tricky, because the product dries up fast so you gotta work double time to blend it well. It’s easier to apply it on bare moisturized skin, or after you apply your sunscreen or BB cream.  When you already have powder on, it kinda just gets stuck on one part making it difficult to blend.

wearing it on my cheeks and lips

As for the lips, I use my good ol’ reliable lip brush from Charm.  It works best in blending it well.

I love the color of No.7, it may appear too bright, but it’s actually wearable on my skin tone.  On the beach, it really looks pretty because it also has tiny gold glitters in it. 

The Aqua Creams are known to be waterproof, hence the name.  It was created with acrobatic swimmers in mind, so it’s meant to stay on forever even underneath the waters.  I can personally say that it is indeed waterproof.  It stays on forever on my cheeks and on my lips, until it’s time to remove them.  You can actually keep drinking and it still stays on.  On the beach, it amazingly stays on even after swimming.   The color remains the same, very opaque and bright, yet also buildable (which meant you can also wear it sheer depending on how well you blend it).  It doesn’t oxidize, unlike how some bright pink blushes do on me.  So yeah, it's also a cheek and lip stain, if you want it that way.


Despite the great color pay off and the long wear time, I find the texture a little bit difficult to work with.  As mentioned earlier, I had difficulty trying to work it.  Being a cream, it’s not really soft and buttery because it dries up fast.  I guess that’s how the waterproof technology works. 

On the lips, it’s very drying and flaky, such that I would recommend swiping a lot of lip balm first before putting this on.  Better yet, do the usual lip scrubbing technique first to prevent the lips from flaking off. It dries to a matte texture on the lips, so expect it to be really drying as the day wears on.  Personally, I just top it off with a balm to soothe my lips a bit.

swatched using my lip brush

As a product to be worn while on the beach, I’m surprised that it doesn’t have some SPF on it, so that’s part of my dislikes about it.

It’s also quite expensive for just a mere 6 grams of cream.


Personally, I don’t know if I like it that much or not.  What I know is that it has been a handy makeup product for me while lounging around at the beach, because I constantly had pretty cheeks. That's actually the only primary reason why I got it.  It works for doing simple makeup looks, like my photos here.

wearing it over a BB Cream on my cheeks, and over a lip balm on my lips

I’m just having difficulty liking the texture, but so far I’m already able to make it work for me.  Because of its waterproof and long wearing abilities, I do like it on those scores.  It’s actually a great product that works on our very humid and tropical weather.  Maybe if the texture would be improved, I will probably like it better. 

I don’t usually wear cream blushes because the dewy effect just doesn’t work for me, as I usually end up shiny instead.  But for this cream product, because of the immediate drying effect, I find that it does work nicely.  As for my lips, I do love the color but I do hate that it’s so drying.

The Aqua Creams have other colors, which can be used for the eyes, cheeks and lips.  I just wonder how the other colors could work for the eyes, if the texture is little bit hard to work with.  Blending it well on the lids would surely be a feat.  I guess having the right tools would just be the key.

Are you a fan of the Aqua Creams from Make Up For Ever?


  1. I haven't tried any MUFE product but I'm lemming for one. It looks really natural on you ^_~ pretty =)

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