Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Monea Curl Defining Milk

Heya, friends in the blogosphere!

Just a quick review about this product I found from Watson's.  I waited a while before doing an actual review, because I really wanted to test out the product well first.

So anyway, as every girl obsessed with beauty knows, the hair is the "crowning glory" of everybody.  In fact, I think that the status of your hair pretty much defines how well you take care of yourself.  Be it straight, curly, permed or re-bonded, the way it is styled everyday will give the impression of how much you take grooming seriously.

As for digitally-permed hair like myself, there is just so much styling involved everyday and having the right products on hand will surely make the rest easier.

But first, let's scope the details....


Place bought:  Watson's drugstore

Price:  99PHP

Packaging:  It's in a plastic bottle, with a twist-off cap.  You can see the actual hair cream right away.

Shade:  It's simply a hair cream, so there are no shades for this one.


I like the very cheap price.  Very easily accessible, too.  And for a bottle, it could last me for 3 months, so doing the math, it's actually really cheap.  

As for its performance, it's amazing.  Before using this one, I was using a mousse styling cream from Suave.  But as light as it may be, it actually kinda weighs my hair down.  But this curling milk from Monea does a lot of wonders compared to that mousse.  It feels lightweight, no waxy feeling on the hair strands, and my guy can run his hands through my hair without the tangly and crispy feeling that are common when one uses a mousse styling cream.  As for the scent, it has a clean shampoo scent that doesn't overwhelm the smell of my conditioner, so it's great on that end.

And finally, it lasts the whole day on me! So my curls pretty much stays in tact all throughout the day.  


The only thing I don't dig is the packaging.  I wish it was in a plastic squeezable tube instead, because it could get difficult to control the product just by pouring it on my palm.

Here are photos of me to show its effect:

no hair product

with the hair product

Did you notice how my curls are well-defined compared to when I didn't use the product?


Well, I'm almost done with my bottle and will probably purchase a new one.  Since I began having permed hair, I've been trying out all sorts of hair styling products, and I always found that a hair cream works better than the volumizing mousse that most salons recommend.  I don't really dig the crispy effect on my hair, even if the curls are well-defined.  So hair creams are the way to go for me to achieve that smooth, touchable hair strands. 

So for this Monea Curl Defining Milk, I am in awe and would always be a fan as long as I have permed hair.  Whoever invented this, I would like to meet you and give you a kiss for job well done!

TIP/ How I use it:  After washing your hair, squeeze out all water.  Then comb the strands with a wide-toothed comb until all the tangles are gone.  Then pour a peso-size amount on your palm of the Monea Curl Defining Milk.  Spread evenly on the hair strands, most especially on the permed part.  No need to blow dry, just leave it on. The effect will be seen once that hair dries naturally.

Have you ever tried a cheap hair product that brings amazing results? Tell me.


  1. this looks pretty amazing! thanks for sharing ^_~

  2. maganda nga ito, recommended ito ng officemate ko.

  3. hello. very helpful blog :)
    just wondering kung saang watsons branch nio po sya nakita? :)

    1. Hi, Jan! Thanks for dropping by!

      Any Watson's branch have this product, you just need to ask around. I'm currently on my 3rd bottle which I got from SM Hypermart's Watson's in Pasig. It's in the hair section along with the gels and hair creams, you won't miss it, unless it's out of stock.

      hope this helps.


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