Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: NYX Matte Lipsticks in Merlot and Tea Rose

Aloha, ladies!

I’ve got another lipstick review for yah, also from NYX.

Have you ever tried a matte lipstick that applies wet at first, and then dries on to a matte finish?  Well, that was exactly what it felt like on my lips.

But first, let’s scope the basics…


Place Bought:  Pretty Goddess stall at the Eastwood tiangge

Price:  350PHP each

Packaging:  In a “mattified” tube, where there’s a plastic see-through part where you can see the actual lipstick.  I actually like this packaging better than those round lipsticks.

Shades:  I’ve got two!

                Merlot – a dark fuschia color, but it could also appear plummish on me.

                Tea Rose – a light pink with warm undertones.

top: Tea Rose
bottom: Merlot


I like lipsticks that glide onto the lips effortlessly and smoothly, and these bunch perform well on that score.  As NYX lipsticks are well-known for being opaque and pigmented, these matte lipsticks also deliver that with one swipe being enough to show off the shade.  Despite being creamy in texture such that they’re easy to swipe, they actually become matte after a few seconds on the lips.  But being matte, they’re actually non-drying on the lips, so that’s a big plus.  As for wear time, they last for a maximum of 5 hours on me, and some even stay on after I have my coffee.  Finally, being affordable is always a plus for me.

left: Tea Rose;  right:  Merlot


Comparing these with the round lipsticks, these do perform way better so I have no real complaints.  I only wish there were more shades available.  I also wish that they are easily accessible to everybody.

left: Tea Rose;  right: Merlot


Honestly, out of all the NYX lipsticks I’ve tried, these are the bomb!  I like them better than the round lipsticks and the soft matte lip creams.  They offer great texture, and great color.  I can see myself bringing these with me all the time.  I also really love the sturdy and classy packaging better than those round lipsticks.  So far, I haven’t experienced them being gooey or too creamy, so it’s all good for me.

Have you tried these matte lipsticks from NYX?


  1. They both look gorgeous on you, especially Tea Rose! Makes me wanna buy one for myself! :)

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    1. Hey there! Thanks, dear!

      Thanks for dropping by. will checkout your blog, too.


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