Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: NYX Round Lipsticks

Everybody in the beauty blogosphere is probably in the know by now of the popularity of these lipsticks from NYX.  Albeit cheap and affordable, most of them perform well in terms of pigment and opacity.

I’ve been featuring some of my Round Lipsticks in here, but I just thought to show off all the shades I have in one post and do an overall review. I know, I’m so late in doing this post, but who cares?  I know some makeup newbies will still find my review interesting. Hehe.

But first, let’s do the basics.


Place bought:  Pretty Goddess Stall at the Eastwood tiangge (where I get my NYX fix)

Price:  150PHP each

Packaging:  In a plastic tube, with the color showing off on the other end.  They aren’t the best packaging for a lipstick, but for the affordable price, I guess it would do.

Shade:  Just check out the rest of the photos and review.  Right now, I have 7 shades.

Heather – a warm brown nude with pink undertones.  On my pigmented lips, it looks darker.  It’s worn best with dark smoky eyes, or bright pink cheeks.

Thalia –  This appears grayish on me, like a plain brown nude.  It’s not the most flattering on my skin tone because I look sick when I wear this.  So I just top it off with a lip gloss, or mix it with other darker shades.

Chaos – One of my favorite shades.  It’s a bright red with blue undertones.  Red looks great on me, and I can sure rock this one.

Power – A nude with some purple undertones.  You can see more of the purple when you layer it on and pair it with purple eyeshadows.  Also a favorite shade.

Sash – This is like pure pink shimmer.  No shade to show off, except the shimmers.  So it’s best to be used as a lipstick topper.

Pink Lyric – A darker blue pink, which can be layered on to achieve more intensity.  I like this best to be worn in the summer, with minimal eye makeup.

Doll – A reddish brown color.  I like layering it on my lips to achieve a more reddish hue.  It flatters my skin tone well, too.


When it comes to being pigmented and opaque, they perform really great.  One swipe is all you need for the color to show up. They are creamy and soft in texture which makes them easier to glide on the lips.

Well, of course, they’re so affordable, so that’s always a plus. They also have no irritating scent and taste.


For a range of affordable lipsticks, I do have some qualms about them.  First is the packaging.  It’s in a plastic tube which makes them break easily. 

Next is the texture.  Although I love the soft and creamy texture, I also hate that they could be really soft to the point that they are prone to breaking off from the tube.  The shades Thalia and Pink Lyric that I have in particular already broke off from their tubes, so as much as I like the shades, it’s kinda difficult to apply because I fear that they will break off again. 

I also find that they just sit on my lips until I drink or eat something.  Except for the darker shades like Chaos and Doll which leave a bit of stain, most of them have little staying power.  Only about 1-2 hours max.

Finally, these lipsticks aren’t easily accessible in our usual drugstores or department stores.  They’re mostly available online or at tiangge stalls like where I buy them.


As much as I’m having difficulty with their texture, I still love some of them simply because of their shades.    Out of my collection, my favorites would be the darker ones – like Chaos, Doll, and Heather.  I also like Power and I wonder if I can find the same shade in other brands.

Overall, these are nice lipsticks to have in your stash, given that they’re cheap.  If not for their very soft texture, I would have given them all an A. 

Which of these NYX Round Lipsticks have you tried?


  1. My friend gave me one of this too but it melted so fast! I just placed it in a room temperature and the next day I found out it melted into gooey consistency T___T


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