Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Sand Beige

 What's up, ladies and gents?

As my first post for October, I'm here to report about my fairly new (ok, it's been 3 months already) liquid foundation from my favorite drugstore brand, Revlon.    As an avid wearer of BB creams and powder foundations, I have a hard time choosing which liquid foundations to try.  I went to a department store once to check out what I can find, and it got a little bit overwhelming because there were lots of brands and types to choose from. (I know, "kikay" problems!)  

So anyway, I did a little research and I happened to checkout a lot of good raves from this particular liquid foundation from Revlon.  Judging from the price, I knew it had to work because it was pretty expensive for me, just for the heck of trying it out.  

Let me begin my full-blown report.


Place Bought:  Robinson's Manila, Department Store

Price:  825PHP for a bottle

Packaging:  In a glass bottle, with a twist up cap.  Pretty simple packaging, but which makes it hard to get the product.  No pump or dispenser whatsoever.

Shade:  Sand Beige - this shade is more on the yellowish side, which suited me fine, except that it's a shade lighter. 


The consistency of this foundation is thick (compared to others I've tried), but which helps it perform better in terms of coverage.  It can cover my pores and blemishes really well upon proper blending.  I find that I didn't need to apply concealer anymore because of the great opaque coverage.  It can be applied from a medium to heavy coverage.  I use my ELF flat top face brush for applying it and I blend it around my face for an even coverage. 

Because it says on the packaging that it's for the "combination/oily skin types", it applies matte on the face.  My face only appears slightly dewy, but definitely not shiny.  The shade Sand Beige is a little light for me, so I set it with my Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder.  The coverage can last on me for up to eight (8) hours indoors.  When I stay outdoors, it also stays put but my face becomes a little dewy after about two (2) hours. 

I also didn't experience any breakouts from it, as long as I remember to wash my face thoroughly after wearing it.  A small drop in the size of a penny is enough to cover my entire face, which also makes it more economical that way. 


I hate the packaging, for one.  I wish it had a pump or something that can help control the amount of product I want.  I hate wasting the product when I happen to pour too much on my palm.  

I also find it difficult to blend because it's thick.  Some beauty bloggers use this with a dry sponge to help blend it out evenly, some use their fingers.  For me, it works best with my ELF flat top face brush.  Applying moisturizer (better one with a higher SPF) beforehand would also help in blending it better. It also has very little protection from the sun - in SPF6.

Finally, it has this chemical scent to it that might be a little too strong for those with sensitive noses.  Luckily though, the scent goes away after a while and once it dries on the skin.

see how it's lighter in shade for me? :P


I finished almost half of the bottle already and I actually see myself buying my second bottle.  Only this time, I want to make sure of the right shade.  I'm loving the coverage and the lasting effect.  No oil-slicked face with this one.    I just really hope that Revlon will change the packaging.  I'm almost tempted to transfer it into a pump bottle.  

TIPS:  Shake the bottle, before application.  Apply moisturizer with SPF first, then let it dry before you apply this foundation.  Spread it evenly by buffing it around your face, then set with loose powder for a long-wearing effect.

To end, here's how it looked on me after applying the rest of my makeup:

 Have you tried this one from Revlon?


  1. the consistency looks thin on the palm of your hands but it looks lovely on you! :) great review


    1. It became thin like that probably because I already swirled it around my palm with my brush. Heehee.

      Thanks, Vicky!

  2. I haven't tried this because I'm lemming for the mousse foundation instead. But it does look pretty nice ^_~

    1. Thanks!

      I've read that the mousse foundation kinda oxidizes on some skin tones. I also tried it on the counter once, and I saw that it applied a bit shiny on the back of my hand. well, maybe I'll wait for your review of that then.. :P

  3. Its been months but I can't still figure out what shade suits me. I'm afraid to try buying while I'm still not sure what color shade suits me. :(


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