Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review: Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil in No.6

I’m hooked on a new eyebrow makeup.  In fact, I can almost see myself finishing it all up because it’s what I use everyday lately.  Have you tried this brow pencil from Shu Uemura?

The first time I tried the Hard Formula Brow Pencil, I didn’t want to let it go - literally.  When I attended the One-day Makeup Class of Shu Uemura, my classmates were all busy doing their eye makeup and playing with the other kinds of products from Shu, but I was kept entertained by this amazing brow pencil the whole time.  Our instructor tried it on me first, and then I went on to do my other brow all the while checking out the full aesthetic of this brow pencil.

Needless to say, it was love at first SWIPE. 

I knew I had to get one right then and there, but unfortunately, they didn’t have one for sale.  So I waited until I had the time to go to a Shu Uemura store and get one for myself.  Of course, I made sure that it got sharpened in the Niigata (sword) style, because that’s where the magic of this pencil all begins.

By the way, here are the usuals, before we move on..


Place Bought:  Shu Uemura boutique store at The Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

Price:  1450PHP (but I used my voucher for a 10% discount)

Packaging:  It’s a loooong one! LOL.  Actually, it’s the longest eye pencil I’ve ever seen, with a plastic cap on the other end to keep the pencil clean.

Shade:  I got the shade no.6, which is a gray color.  It’s the perfect shade for me, because it looks so natural without being too dark or scary.


Okay, here’s how it works – it’s called “Hard Formula” because it’s made of hard lead.  It means that because it’s hard lead, it doesn’t break easily and it’s a pretty sturdy eye makeup pencil.  What’s amazing is that you can’t really make it write on the back of your hands, you know, like how we usually swatch products.  Because it only works on skin with hair!  The moment the lead touches hair, that’s when the product gets to write or swatch, so it means it only works on the eyebrows per se.  A-m-a-z-i-n-g, right? 

When you get it to your eyebrows, it doesn’t color immediately such that you have to do several strokes to make it write while at the same time, you also begin working on the shape that you want.  It gives me such control in terms of the intensity of the shade I want, and the shape I want to achieve on my brows.  It also eliminates mistakes in drawing your eyebrows, because each stroke can be controlled depending on how hard you write or swipe. 

That unique Niigata way of sharpening it?  Well, it’s useful for two things: 1) it keeps the lead inside the pencil in tact, or hard; and 2) it makes it easier to do your eyebrows because of that shape.  Of course, you can still opt to sharpen it the usual way, and I think it will work the same way.  But HEY, there’s no extra cost in having it sharpened in the Niigata style, and you can always have it re-sharpened for FREE!

As for wear time, this stays on for the whole day, or until it’s time to wash your face, so that’s always a great thing.  And because the pencil is looong, I think you get pretty much all your money’s worth.

Here it is on my eyebrows:


I still wish it’s not so expensive.  And I also wish I can learn to sharpen it myself.  Other than those seeming irrelevant things, I have no other complaints.  Teehee.


I really, really love this eyebrow pencil.  I will probably cry if I lost mine.  I think I can even make a song for it. 

(Okay, that’s too much “girly problems” for you. Hehe.)

But seriously, being one of Shu Uemura’s best sellers, I actually understand why.  It’s more than an eyebrow pencil that draws or creates natural-looking brows.  It’s Japanese technology, and art, infused into one simple product.  I always knew that the Japanese have their own unique way of doing makeup and creating makeup products, and this eyebrow pencil is proof!

Oh my, another reason to love Shu Uemura indeed. Check this out at your nearest Shu Uemura, other shades are also available!

wearing the Hard Formula Brow Pencil

Have you tried this eyebrow pencil yet?

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