Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rocking Lash Extensions


How’s your long weekend?  Mine was uneventful.  I just stayed home, cleaned up the house, and relaxed all weekend.  It was great, to say the least.  Probably because I needed that.  Oh, and I also started on my new job.  I love my new office building, but the area is so congested.  No more free parking. 

Well, tomorrow will be the beginning of another work week.  But before we do the drill, let me go through my experience in having another set of lash extensions.  I said “another”, because I already had this procedure before.  However, this time around, I had my sister do it for me.  And since we were just at home, I took the privilege of taking photos of her tools and kit.  I also took advantage of customizing the look I wanted.

First off, let me show you her kit. It’s filled with brushes, tweezers, lash glue and the different sizes of lashes available. 

The lash extensions' sizes range from 8mm, 10mm, to 12mm.  I had the 10mm placed on me.  There’s also different colors available, like blue, purple and brown, all in 10mm sizes. 

purple and blue


All the lash extensions are synthetic.  Being so, they’re a little stiff and crispy on the lashes.  So it’s very important to have them attached correctly, otherwise, they have the tendency to poke the eyes.  Ouch!

Here are my photos.



Notice the difference?  I already have long lashes to begin with, but they're thin and sparse and straight.  So when I had the extensions in 10mm, it actually made them thicker and curlier.  

In the photos here, I didn't wear any eyeshadows or eyeliners.  But in reality, they really look fab even with bare eyes.  I have instant curled and thick lashes everyday.  No need for mascara and eyecurler.  

Here's a closer look to compare.

Honestly, they're a little hard to deal with, especially when I had to wash my face.  I also have to be careful in rubbing my eyes, otherwise, they will peel off.  

Nevertheless, the effect they make on me is great.  It cuts down my makeup time.  Sometimes, doing my eyebrows would be enough for everyday.  

Have you tried having lash extensions?


  1. Aaahh. I love to have that too, my friend have it and she looks really good :) But i ddnt know it has some colors too. Is it painful? :) I love this.

    hope you can follow my blog too, thanks :)

    1. hi! it's painful only if it pokes your eyes. otherwise, during the process, it just feels like some tiny tiny ants or bugs are biting your lids. as they say, there's always pain in beauty. haha!

      thanks for visiting!

  2. Wow these look amazing and really effective! How long do they last? They look so fluttery!

    Found your blog through the blog hop, and enjoying having a read! Now following you :D Look forward to reading lots more!

    xx Kate

    1. Hey, Kate! Thanks for the visit! Will be checking out your blog, too.

      Anyway, the lash extensions last for a good 3 months, and even more, depending on how good you take care of them. That means being careful not to rub the eyes often. Every now and then, some of the extensions will fall out and the lashes will eventually become thinner again.


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